The art of making my own bread

Good morning guys :):)

I see some people are enthusiastic about my journals so let me share with you today another piece of my daily life. This is how I make my own bread öhöh!

All the ingredients that I use, I want to smell them, I want to find the inner beauty in each of these ingredients.

- Water: Water is life. I put it in a recipient and I make a vortex. I want to make it move, I want to give it back some life. This water vortex is reincarnation, it is the cycle of life. Water is a gift of mother Nature.

- Flour: it represents fire, heat of life. It is thanks to the the sun that corn grows during 18 months like a mother would feed her baby. This will give enough energy for fermentation

- Leaven: It is linked to air because it breaths in and out. It lives. This is what brings the bubbles in bread.

- Salt: It's a gift from the sea. All these cristals represent the cristallisation of the Earth.

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Have a pleasant day!

thanks for sharing, would read again!
You are very welcome alhric
is that sourdough?

did you actually make it in your standard kitchen oven? :o
Hello Bobika. :):) Yes and yes. Quality of the ingredients is the most important. Temperature is also very important most of the people and industrials don't care about it and their bread is low tier. This recipe is based on bacteria already present in the flour. I like to work with a dough at 26 C because bacteria will develop differently at higher or lower temperature. I think 26 C is optimal. Keep in mind that flour temperature + water + kitchen room temperature should be 72 C. Sometimes, due to climate conditions it is difficult to have such high temperature and in this case 60 C is enough but bread may taste different.

500 gr. flour
3 gr leaven
10 gr big grain salt
330 gr or ml water

Oh and a small tip water BEFORE flour ;);)
Hello again fellow Liechtenstein comrade. On this day I will try to installed Enemy Territory to show the enemy who is the real deal. 5th Brigade on this day will return as we turn our hand back to enemy territory.

I am a fan of baking bread indeed I like this. I am now addicted to coming on this website like I used to on 5th Brigade forum. I miss other people from there and hope they finally return to this game and find this website.

Power to the 5th Brigade and Power to Enemy Territory Best game every produced öhöh
looks amazing
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