My cat won't be a victim anymore

Good morning everyone :):)

My cat was such a victim. He used to lose ALL fights against other cats in our neighboorhood but also hedgehogs and probably even rats... Each night I hear him meowing and getting chased by other cats. Very often he comes back with scars.
He was scared of everything: a broom, a tissue, water boiling, keys and many other things. He spent his time behind the sofa and the furnitures. He checked every single corner before leaving the house.

But this is past. I put a bandana around his neck so he can show his dominance to other cats and man up or should I say CAT UP öhöh! I observed him last night and I saw some cats but also the dog (an american pitbull) of my old neighboor looking away when my cat crossed the street.

image: o45h224

Even you look terrified öhöh do you ETplayers have pets? Please share photos!

Have a pleasant day !
Looks like a pussy to me
:XD öhöh!
real gangsta
yes very dangerous cat öhöh
I see memes coming
it's so dead here that this guy is actually fun
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