People are mad at me irl

Good morning :):)

It gives many things I do to annoy people in my everyday life. To name a few:

- In the morning, before the garbage trucks pass by to empty the trash. I leave a note next to my neighboor's garbage "Can you fuckers make less noise when you pickup my shit". It's been 1 month that the garbage truck didn't empty their trash öhöhöh
- When I am at the supermarket, I go to the pasta shelves, find spaghetti and I break them all
- When I see a shopping cart alone in the supermarket, I move it to a different location then I laugh at the guy looking for his cart for a couple of minutes
- When I see a hitchhiker, I honk, make a sign and stop. When s/he gets close to the trunk of my car I go full speed and escape while laughing
- During my holidays on the beach, I put random stuffs in a black bag. Before the beach area closes, I ask a random guy to look after my stuffs for a couple of minutes... but I never come back

image: your-annoying

Good thing you don't know me in the real world.

Have a pleasant day! :):)