RTCW Radar showmatch

image: levelshot

Crumbs and me converted Radar from ET to RTCW. We are going to have a showmatch tonight at 9PM CET:

image: game60919

- Spawntimes are 30 / 30
- Timelimit 12
- 2 flags: main and side (cp)
- Axis can spawn at flag of main! not at side (cp)
- Main flag disappears like on ET if main door is blown, allies will still need to recapture it once if axis still have it
- East is now a dynamite plant, that will unlock west documents (hidden in wood box)
- There is no fog or visibility limitations (far distances) unlike on ET

Download link:

Quote- There is no fog or visibility limitations (far distances) unlike on ET

fops, panzer & sniper jizzing in sync
hahah imagine hitting that across the map
excited for lineups
Nice effort!
ty. we lost it :(
Wow nice work. Any twitch stream?
I streamed it all the way, I'm going to update the records tomorrow for anyone who would like to see it.
I assume there is no damage falloff in rtcw, since it got added in ET updates. Should be interesting
Was nice to watch the stream. Did you fix that window yet?:)

There were some good suggestions in chat, for example allowing allies access to an area above main gate, via a ladder or stairs once it’s been blown.

Good work!
i just fixed it ;)

we definitely will add fog in the next version and make the sky dark like on ET.
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