Who owned you the hardest?

Ever had that moment when you thought you're hot shit, and then someone puts you in your place? For me that was sniping on a public in 2007 when someone I had never heard of, nicknamed Finland SERIMESTARI teared me a new rectum on Germany Fueldump and Anonymous Seawall Battery. He fucking sprinted and jumped with scope, using the binocular technique which looked like fucking cheating. No matter where I went he two or three-tapped me with insane speed and accuracy. It's a shame he wasn't interested in clan play.

Another one is Finland mvk.torspo who solo destroyed our Finland Palikka e-sports gaming club. Without him we would've been evenly matched but he was incredible. His aim was tougher than anyone I encountered after or before.

Who's your nemesis you never defeated?
Is there any video about this technique? Sounds crazy!

This guy knows how to do it, even though they're pub frags done with level 3+ covop (half recoil!) pretty cool actually :D
I dont get why it is better to snipe with the binocular?

1. He aims at you unzoomed
2. Then he aims at you with binocular
3. Then he aims at your with zoom
4. Then he shoots

Why not simply skip the binocular step? :S
Smoother transition between unscoped and scoped view, and it doesn't add any extra time to the process of zooming so it's kind of a free quality of life hack
The "smoother" transition actually seemed like it was worse to me.
But the removal of the delay is awesome :-)
Oh and as a bonus you see landmines :D!

Here he demonstrates it without and with "tweaks" that make it more smooth. Any idea what these tweaks are? I tried doing it but found it actually less smooth than not binocing in the 1st place. "snipa<3Jarhead:D" is another good public sniper using this technique.
In the old days, tweaks just meant bobroll, yaw, pitch, etc. set to 0. On sniper servers, it was considered cheating and you could be banned if you were caught using them - some servers straight up forced you -config side - to play with the default values enabled.

The rest is skill only.
Wtf i've been in that dP:! Sniper Clan when i started to play ET. Crazy Time crazy guys
We had a rivalry with dP, we scrimmed them and defeated them, it was like we were the kings of ET snipers. dP was so stacked with talent, but their server was located in the US, it was quite difficult to play there.

Was your nickname essah back in dP?
Hahaha yes was an US Clan.
I remember dP St. Michael, tr0be and wjs
I had different names when i started playing ET
my favorite it is getting permanently banned from whole rtcw discord server by crumbs after i used the word "cunt"
Ah yes the infamous admin abuse tactic. Nobody can beat that!
Hmm can't remember any specific situation in ET.

But in QL I faced a few people that amazed me with their rockets+movement in close range.
Like AustriaSeiya who seems to be able to smell when you are about to shoot a rocket on his feet so he will jump in order to minimize the dmg while also not getting pushed back.
Polandeeeee, Japanmmmu and SlovakiaROFL were also always nice to play against and to figure out that there are actually people who can beat you consistently in rocket vs rocket if you don't adapt your playstyle.
1v1 mxt0r
playing 6vs5 against dsky with w!ngs(?) (razz, tropic, mindless, etc) and they won without much effort :/

w@co vs reload (shewie, ganon, mika & co) We were at the top of the benelux ladder uncontested, team massacre was good back then but I think we still beat them. Reload joined the benelux ladder and destroyed every single team in such a fashion we stopped playing benelux ladder after that.

Had no clue who the polish 'cheaters' were back then, but we had been warned they were a good team. Even though we took one map, they destroyed us.

Did we play together against reload? I remember reload taking #1 from w@co, but that was expected tbh, because of the amazing line-up. We still beat some great teams in the benelux ladder like tm and MAZZ but also sharpshooters (with tekoa)

When I started playing ETQW I got owned very hard by a german clan rTg in my first match ( it was even hard to leave the spawn). In the end it was great, because my team learned a lot from that match. Few months later we beat them. Getting owned can be a really good learning experience.
uaznia lineup looks legit in the match you posted, I remember they were one of the top PL teams back in the days ;)
As an ETPub mod gamer joining my first 'ETPro' scrims with teams and finding a whole other 'world' of ET with on average way better and more specifically smarter players. Getting 'low/mid tier' ETPro gamers doing things that I had never seen before and basically just not getting to shoot at people because my fat public ass had no idea what was going on or where people where.
Yep that is something I can relate to ;D

Reminds me of when some guys picked me up on a public to tell me about "config settings" and "clan gameplay" for the first time ever. "Bad Boys" clan... oh that was a moment when I loaded a real config for the first time.
Fuck yes the transition from publics to clanwars got everyone at some point :D
yes I remember that too! never got that sweaty while playing before :D
sadly i dont have any of those contacts anymore..
I'll post something about 6v6 later
but in 3v3 the one time I felt absolutely helpless was vs Finlandrong, Finlandsungi, Finlandlordi

individually insane play level I'd say Germanykresti
aside from that no matter what I did I could never get edit flag pls phyzic :D
speedybozar on braundorf with his 20iq
Speedybozar asked me to find someone selling a Lamborghini Aventador on highroller poker forums and promised me some % if I find a sale. I failed to find one
Guy's had a fucking lucky and nice life :D
he once told me he could move things with his mind
Playing 3on3 against xPERIA, motif and mize
You've misspelled fruits.apricot
-_-v (aka bui) from warholic :(
3on3 gnajda braundorf :)
you buy cigarettes
tax office irl
everyone above premier division level tbh, we never had the required teamplay
back in 2002 me and my clan use to rank really high on some score saving website, we use to normally have at least 5 of the top 10 each week and top3 most times as well - we thought we were the shit. It was all based off of public server 'scoring'.

We then got challenged to a scrim by some random team that played in TWL and we played them on beach which is where the majority of us played 24/7 and most of the time it was war room camp to save docs to get more points. I made strats for everyone and they were pretty legit... unfortunately they revolved 100% around the war room and not how to actually how to get there in the first place.

We got spawn raped for the entire attack and demolished pretty quick on our own def as well. Unsurprisingly allowing a full team of 6 players into the war room that worked together did not work as well as randoms on publics.

I think I worked out pretty quickly from this game that defending as far forward was one of the best strategies to have, so tried my hand at spawn killing and didn't really look back.
Back in 2005 or 2006 I played a scrim with a mixed team against the Western Europe selection close before the EU Allstar Battle. The guys I played with where pretty decent but we got our ass kicked so hard, it still hurts.
I remember how they fullholded us on Oasis and we couldn't even get the CP ...
can't remember any specific team, as there were a lot of good teams back in the days, so playing vs TLR or similar teams was always pretty hard and almost impossible to achieve something. Most of the players from top tier teams were godlike, but I do remember some individualls who were obviously out of their league when playing in med+ team, like Estonia LudA in 3on3 scrims. I was sure this guy was cheating, because he completely destroyed us everytime we decided to play them - I cannot remember the team name (if he played in any tbh?). In 6on6 I would say Belgium uNDEAD from Belgian Fraternity team. We pracced a lot with them and he was always destroying everyone.

After I quit ET I came back couple of years later when Quake Champions came out - I played beta a lot and I thought I'm pretty decent due to all these ET years. Then I got myself into duel with Cypher - he totally owned me and it seemed like he wasn't even trying.. ;) I literally stopped playing after this, because the skill gap was so huge :P godlike
Yeee fucking LudA on et beach headshot monster :o
luda was a beast.

true story: i met his father at some point and he claimed to be better than his son :)
QuoteEver had that moment when you thought you're hot shit, and then someone puts you in your place? For me that was sniping on a public in 2007 when someone I had never heard of, nicknamed Finland SERIMESTARI teared me a new rectum on Germany Fueldump and Anonymous Seawall Battery. He fucking sprinted and jumped with scope, using the binocular technique which looked like fucking cheating. No matter where I went he two or three-tapped me with insane speed and accuracy. It's a shame he wasn't interested in clan play.

Met him on a pub early on in my ET life too (2005? 06? sometime early) and had the same experience. Never seen anything like this in my life, he was literally unbelievable. Glad I'm not the only one to have experienced SERIMESTARI!
playing against him or having him on the team? starts googling for a sick aphesia airstrike
i've never played with him so against. playing vs TAG was always a challenging experience! And we used to around same skill id say, first i played with squad, then raab, then turbot. even when i already was downgraded to 3g, aphesia was the only player i truely felt worthless against
walle = chmp?

I remember playing some EC game vs your team and on supply I couldn't do shit xD Having shitty aim and playing spam heavy only gets you so far. Was about that time I stopped playing for TAG and decided to join atoon with bruce sinus karnaj eirik ovie. I always cried I didn't want to play lan or EC and they should get a decent eng smg who can actually shoot two headshots in a row.
yes i i changed my nick to walle after masculine mans, partly because shoutcasters always called me chimp instead of Champion-Champpi-chmpp.

i remember you from playing TAG and figuring out if they have SMG eng or not, and you always were noticed from our calls, in a good way. playing smg engineer is pretty brutal job even if you're playing well. I remember CC5 LAN and beating you and atleast we could prove that before failing in playoffs. I remember french lineup, you spoke english in comms tho?
Back in the day i would get rolled in 3o3 by finns, the olbaa club. No matter how hard i tried, rhey would always be one step ahead.
Was so happy when they ragequit after we menaged to fh them on grush

Then ff 10years, we get a random irc funwar, rong connected.
Whenever i faced him in a duel i would slowly loose a part of my soul how badly i got raped. But my excuse to this day is, meh, finnish hitboxes.

So yeah, raped hard by finns and bacardi-team arnold & co

Then ff another 5years... and u got mxtor asking me for 1v1, i remember how i felt when i was connecting to the server "lets go easy on this guy" tell you what, i had my ribs broken twice many other painfull fractures and teeth pain.. never once i shed a tear, i almost cried after he beat me, its not.. cuz he beat me... but the way he beat me...

Ps.. come back to disco
Ahah <3<3 my seareal bro

You always stayed Nice and fair in all our practice matches

So big respect to you ;)
playing vs Lordi, Rong and Sungi
Obviously first time playing ETpro.

Also first time playing a 1v1 at ESL. Thinking you can aim so 1v1 should be easy. Well... never played 1v1 again after that.
Finland mASCULINE_MANS in EC finals. Unstoppable legends

This team west was actually unstoppable

For the rest the usual suspects, butchji mAus mystic Azatej Mztik teKoa etc. My solution was just play with them instead of against them, worked pretty well for me most of the time...
That's a stacked fucking lineup for team West! Netherlands Azatej the perverted lolicon, earns another mention from me. I rememer in their Adlernest attack, he just jumped down and killed 4 of Finland mASCULINE MANS into fullspawn in like 20 bullets. It was sick.

edit: nice that I get a mention in this journal :D even though I was way out of my league against Netherlands teKoa and Germany snoop. Finland Squall and Finland Ensam carried us pretty hard IIRC. And of course Finland Sample's great rifling.
Do you have a GTV Link to that Adlernest Match?
No it was a prac. It felt like being aimbotted on
aww shit :D :D
i never get how those players aimed so fucking exact.... yeah practice but you know.. so inhuman :D
Finland KRP in OC DIV 1. Unstoppable legends
Got on my laptop, revived some old players just before this grand event, got to final and KRP had to win twice, but we got owned.
so much hate and butthurt people in comments xD

so ensam was playing low the day tzac came out? :D :D :D
idk man haha but people did start playing less active all of a sudden
POLARb ENSAM [Intermission]: nigger game
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POLARb BW [Intermission]: maybe we'll prac before the offi on sunday
POLARb ENSAM [Intermission]: nigger enemy
Osa meistä tais olla jo uran ehtoopuolella tossa vaiheessa :D
Eiköhä koko ET ollu death joskus 2012. Sitä mayat tarkotti maailmanlopun ennustuksella

God damn.. it's been 15 years and I still remember this guy from pubs, I had already forgotten his name but that's him alright. Never saw him playing anything else but covert ops with a garand. Or maybe with a sten few times(?).
i remember Ironman from efterlyst
sniper against this vanhis guy was pretty hard

also squalli
bring mal wieder so nette journals wie damals ;D
creating an account just to answer to this xDD
you have issues m8
Probably but let's leave my issues alone
aphesia and freeze.

in 2005 i played 3v3 official against parodia and getting out of spawn was tough, actually impossible if they didn't let us to :(

got ultra owned for the first time in 3v3 at the hands of dj-freeze.
some say he just lagged, but it wasnt just that. =(
considering the amount of hours I put into the game, noone should've won vs me, but unfortunately that wasnt the case :D
I remember one fullhold at tank on goldrush vs gifty. he was getting a 5man spree/clutch every few spawns.
I am (was) low+ max, I always got owned :(
Lol it was definitely you :D We had similar techniques but you actually knew how to aim - I could not reach med skill so... Also had a potato PC, nowadays my accuracy is much better - still bad-ish.

Played against Panker too but I didn't find him as amazing as you said he was. But it was later than that time, maybe he had declined in the meantime.
I got owned a lot, most memorably probably by Australia riCo in a 1-day cup. Guy was playing with 400 ping and still fucking me up everytime he lagged into my view.
One match in particular was Clan-SoF vs parodia in clanbase OC. Never got past first stage Oasis. Got owned by "Playboy". No idea who he was at the time :P
Mostly KRP and masculine mans...
In 3v3 i'd say crod. Never won a 1v1 against him I think in any scrims.
In 6v6 i'd say that one time against Team Rockit with sqzz mAus olBaa and all, I remember goldrush being a nightmare we never managed to get past 1st barrier and that was quite mental.
In Jaymod there was a guy called ChosenOne who played on BBA server. He always had a lot of kills each maps and winning a duel against him was near impossible. Good times tho
6vs6 vs masculine mans or in NC vs .fi

Still hurts :(
No idea of the teams name or players but being absolutely destroyed on Oasis.

It was 2006, we were playing really well on all of our Med/Med+ IRC 3v3 games and all of a sudden a Med+ team just came out of nowhere and arranged a game. I believe aiming and movement used to always be my strong points and I’ve never been completely destroyed 1v1, except against this random team. We were playing games with top teams, top players from Sweden etc... but these guys, wherever they were from, humiliated us. I never liked to accuse people of cheating but they just instantly made me believe they were cheating.

Looking back, I think I had just met my match.

I haven’t had that experience since, and I’m glad.

After that day, Oasis was no longer enjoyable, even today.
SinfulSebastian on 2.55 back in I don't know when

I wish I could say it was a fun time but I'd be lying
Finland KRP lost to a 2.55 team, with Finland Sebastian and his buddies in it, so I feel your pain
The most overwhelming feeling of getting crushed must have been playing against Finland loder and Finland sutiii / p3nss3li on a public server. Eventually I got my skill level above theirs and even though I got owned against many other players later on, still playing against these two at public servers gave me the unique feeling of helplessness that I felt deep within.
I don't remember their names anymore, but I do remember that they were french.

French are literally the worst.
The only player that stood taller than the rest was hullu Maza. He probably had raw talent above anyone else and dedication willing to put it work. The aim on that guy was at the highest possible level, i might even puke just thinking about it, you could put him in any spot... even alone, that guy would always deliver. You could trust him to make it work anywhere. Only time he would probably fail was if his teammate is thinking he is in too much trouble and would change his position to help him. And even then it wasn't his fault. The player that came to help him was prolly more the issue than him, even if the enemy got through there. He could have made it work for him and for the team. Just for the sake of the obj and the clock, someway somehow... Trust the talent. :)

It's surely a rare thing to find a player good as him. He could do everything you could, only a little better, even the little things like pushing someone down the stairs at key moment not to get the flag. He was everyway a perfect player, but it don't always come down to a raw talent, so it is also about the time you are willing to put it into practice.
Every level in game takes dedication to get there, but you also gotta know what you doing, or else you will not get there.

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