Music / Sound design

Hello guys!

Is there anyone else from the ET scene that’s involved in making music or work as a soundengineer/designer etc..
I’m a educated sound engineer nowadays, it would be fun to share knowledge and projects with you.
Also if you are in need of some sounddesign/mixing work feel free to pm me.

Have a listen to my latest track, thanks.
Sounds good men :)
Thanks Rez! :)
Didn't Finland Matias make some techno? Or am I confusing people
He did make some own style thing
Yeah remember talking to him back then. Was pretty cool if I can recall, it was a long time ago.
make trap beats
Like everyone else? ;)
Man thats a pretty cool track, enjoyed it a lot. Italy NoCS is a producer and works as a DJ.
I'm a composer myself but I don't really compose the same kind of things, unfortunately ^^"
What do you compose?
Folk/Celtic music mainly but also rock.
Sounds nice! Im in to that too. I listen to pretty much everything and try to produce in different genres aswelI. I play electric guitar and mainly rock when I do. Do you have anything you composed available for listening?
I never took the time to record properly any songs at the moment (currently working on one) but I was going to create a Soundcloud with several drafts tomorrow. I can send it to you once it's done
Sounds good.
I'm in a pop/rock (hobby) band, we have a few songs on Spotify. Can share via PM if you are interested.
Sure, shoot!
Very cool! : )
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