u|k / BiO server no obj maps

One of the old *u|k. or *BiO* servers used to have all of the standard maps like adlernest, radar etc, but with objective disabled or the maps themselves edited to block the objective/tramsitter rooms. We are talking more than 10 years ago so I only vaguely remember this!

Does anyone still have these maps or remember if it was actually a server setting?

Pretty sure you can do this with mapscripts
dunno how to do it,. but please do it.
would be awesome... since many of us have time only for public nowdays ;)
Could be very off here but iirc those weren't unique map files but somehow blocked using the server settings.

I remember some of the popular objective servers having the normal map objectives but completing it did not finish the map. For instance, on radar the actual radar parts were already secured when allies got through main/side for the first time. I'm sure someone else will remember that as it's such a clear visual image!
Quite sure LUA would be the way.
https://antman.info/wolf/etpro/ is there anything close to that?
Hmm I honestly didn't remember any objective blocking tbh.
Just players who didn't mind the obj until the last few minutes ;-)
Its just map script that disallows objective being taken/done
imagine playing et without objectives
nice try

haha yeah good one bro

this motherf
Ask Kevlar
I smell a new public server. Who would be a better referee in that server than [EU] Homer?
:D greetings m8
Heyho :-)

The EU public server was the only "big size" public server that I really enjoyed.
EU, BiO, goq... best of the best :-)
I would add efterlyst, I played there a little but it was skilled server. And Terror Crew, my first long time other pub than EU lol
where i can download virus and ETconfig
It's a simple thing to do with mapscript. All you need to do is run a custom mapscript for the map and comment out the line that has "wm_endround" on it. (There may be multiple lines with that command. Get rid of them all.)

For example adlernest:
image: XiX9zN3

The round won't end, but the winner is Allies once the time runs out (if that matters..)

Really quick to set up if you have a server running.
npnp. :p

about to host a pub?!
Hey, are you looking at putting this server online? Would love to have a few games on ETPro like old times! Thanks
Yes, very soon :)
Can’t wait :)
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