I almost beat a swan yesterday

Good morning :):)

I hope you didn't miss me too much öhöh I was too busy spending time with Katarina. I wanted to share with you something crazy that happened to me yesterday.

I was eating my sandwich in a park during my break and I saw a swan. I realized I was not going to get away with it that easily...

image: tenor

My primitive instinct had awakened. Just like my ancestors in prehistory, I had to fighting to survive. As if everything was about survival. As if some abilities inside of me had been triggered. My primal instinct had taken over.

I put my sandwich in a safe place, I put my bag down, I threw my jacket nervously to intimidate it but getting out of this park safe and sound was more than just survival.
image: FxN

Far from it. It takes more than just a little bit of determination and patience to eat a rare steak, here in this park. It was a small lake, it had the advantage of the terrain.
I had to show that I am at the top of the food chain, I had to do very precise moves and body signs. So I took off my shirt and showed it my muscular torso, I showed it that it was in its best interest not to approach me. Sadly, it was not intimidated. It started to retaliate, breath very heavily and smash the water with its beak . There, I knew that it was going for my balls. I decided to attack it by surprise, I ran into it screaming. It dodged me with an incredible speed, and bit my ass.
image: tumblr_mmk7wtP6gF1qbahrjo1_400

I understood that his target was my balls. I barely managed to escape. I decided to defend myself with more parsimony, I had to take advantage of my size. It jumped on me, I punched in hits liver and in its beak, I did a winglock, it was finally on the ground.
image: tenor

However, suddenly its buddies came to back it up. I understood that I had to leave my food, as I was scared of losing my life.
image: 200

Nature is merciless my friends.
Finland swani too strong
I didnt know there is finnish gamer named swan öhöh
was so hungover while reading this, i tought it was a battle report vs team Finlandswani
i almost came
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