Chile vs UK - WHAT A GAME

Hi friends,

Firstly, just wanted to say congrats to Chile Chile for playing well throughout the tournament and praccing hard to secure that 9th place that we battled hard for. Think it was deserved, they improved from when we first played them and they really wanted to win I think. So, on behalf on Poland Aniky (who called me a mongol), I present to you this shiny medal:

image: unknown

But more to the point - what a fucking game!

If you haven't watched this, get your popcorn out, spend some time and watch it, genuinely one of the closest games I've played in. It had dramas, pauses, lags, headshots, trash talk (my apologies - can't help it), lags, and each map was close and interesting.

Was a really close game and great fun - wp Chile Chile! - United Kingdom koopcast - United Kingdom Merl1cast

Thanks for NC, have fun, stay safe and stay hydrated.
Please note: Although I usually take a sarcastic tone, this journal is meant to be read and understood in a genuine manner.

Warmest regards,
United Kingdom Joe
Even this sounds sarcastic, maybe I have a problem?
heelloo dude here mercE from team chile, really apreacciate ur time and that post , I didnt read that like sarcastic , sound really good =)! and for me was more tasty with your comments , like it! so thanks for the game and the post bro! =) ! like your way
It truly was an amazing game, even from a spectators point of view. I do recommend watching this game back. I was disappointed in the way you behaved, because that's not the way I originally got to know you. I do appreciate the apologize mate. It was nice seeing you on the battlefield throughout the entire NC
To be honest it was never malicious on my end, just silliness, but I think they maybe took it more seriously than I intended? Wasn't intended to be horrible anyway, just chatting shit as usual
I'm not one for shit talking either, but I can vouch for niSmO; it was all pretty jolly on comms!
ahahahaa you know you can't see the ironies through chat.

Wp med1xza! and all the UK team, we created one of the most entertaining games to watch in the history of the et.
It was a sick game, clearly. Though the pauses made it endless.
felt endless tbh
Longer than an RTCW gather, so to speak!
yeah that was bad..... but it made the game more suspenseful
It was pretty tense, I have to say... Though it finished around 1 AM CET, it was a bit late :D
tbh according to the true skill they should be 2nd instead of Canada in the group stage
and like 5-6th in the whole cup ;)
thx mate!! i believe the same!!
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