uGc ETPRO public server, suggestions please

I have been part of the clan uGc for a couple of weeks now, we have about 16 ETPro players that play mostly on Hirntot no HW. Since that is the only ETpro server left that is a bit suitable for ETPro competition players, but the server has some issues:
- Too many players
- Too much spam because of two rifles and the XP rewards
- Punkbuster
- Sometimes it's laggy because of scripts.

Still we enjoy playing on the Hirntot server and it's good that they keep it online. But I think it's time for another ETPro public server that is more focused on competition players. The main problem with new ETPro public servers is that they are empty, since we have about 16 active players in our team, perhaps we can make it work. But it would be great if the community can help us getting the server full.

Regarding the configuration, this is the idea:
1. 18 players max
2. Global 6on6 is the template for this server, with a few modifications:
- no pauses, speclock or teamlock
- only 1 vote allowed
- removed most vote options
- less voicechat spam
- everyone gets light weapons 1 from the start (enough ammo)
- not everyone needs to get ready
- warmup time 20 seconds
- com_maxfps 250
- team balance enabled
3. Proposed Map cycle (objective cycle)
sw_goldrush_te, radar, sp_delivery_te, bremen_b3, frostbite, supply, missile_b3, braundorf_b4, adlernest
4. We are thinking about an XP Shuffle after each map (Efterlyst)

The problem is that we don't have any anticheat on the server, because Punkbuster is crap and gives lag. So to solve this issue most players from uGc will have rights to kick people from the server, but I don't think that is enough. So if people want to help out with this server and make it work, let us know.

EDIT: Thanks for your suggestions, you can do obj on this server, but the round will not end. The server is now online:
Seems good, few things;
- Where is the server located? NL/UK server is needed similar to BiO (it also helps you differentiate from Hirntot). German servers are just awful for majority of people.
- I wouldn't XP shuffle after each map, don't remember a server doing that before that I've been on (Sometimes people are playing in the same team as their friends and don't want to be shuffled).
- Don't have any level ups like Hirntot e.g. Faster reload, Medics having 150hp+ etc) Just stick to light weapons 1 which gives you extra ammo I guess.
- No objective? I remember an old server where you can do the objective but it wouldn't end the map, the timer would still play until 0. Imo it's annoying when 1 person is literally doing the objective and ending maps quickly.

As for no anti-cheat, does Hirntot use PB? Since I don't think I've had PB/lag issues on there.
Thanks for your suggestions!
- NL
- Ok.
- There are no skill upgrades (only the light weapons) everything else global6on6
- Yea I saw that journal from Atstar, that you could do that with modified mapscripts. We will test it.
No objective is working good after testing. Check it out
Nice suggestion, you have a very good hosting so I'm sure you are able to provide quality servers. I hope it will work out, koop gives out proper advice
I won't be hosting this public sever, just doing the configuration, since public servers are bit more risky, regarding attacks... But it will have a good connection (I have around 10ms) Everything works so far, next step is change the mapscripts and test it.
8v8 will never succeed in this day and age - especially with the people that are left, but you can try :)

and gl breaking the game with the fps settings :)
It's 9vs9 :)

Just giving the option to break the game :) Perhaps max of 166?
8 + 8 = 18
quick mafs
i was fully expecting 8v8 +2 priv slots :P
Yay, I was looking forward to a new server! Thank you!

to my expirience if its possible to make it nl, so atleast scandinavians from north have good ping also? I dont know the disadvantage to other people..? (50ping vs 98ping to those who used to play from north..)

Propably players who play gathers doesnt matter, but those who still play this game every now and then would be excited.

+1 nl server
+1 250fps (i can see difference between 125 vs 240fps..)
+1 add et_ice atleast to "old" players who still want to have some nostalgia. Seems like everyone just call vote next map when its time to play base.. =(
- I dont know about ice, atleast it was on mappool on efterlyst.

+ 1. 18 players max
+ 2. Global 6on6 is the template for this server, with a few modifications:
- +1
- +1
- +1
- +1
- no +150hp..
+3. Proposed Map cycle (objective cycle) + (add ice? I dont know if people still play that map, but atleast it was a map that i always waited on efterlyst..)
+4. everything about efterlyst sounds more than fine.. 8)

+1 to no anticheat.
The server is now online, I modified the mapscripts so the round does not end after doing the obj:

It's hosted by leaseweb, so the connection should be pretty good.
com_maxfps 250

My new favorite server thank you!
We changed it, but this server should be good, since you have a Dutch connection :)
What's the science behind this
Lua scripts don't make hirntot laggy and don't see why PB would be a problem (we use it because our ban system depends on it).

Good luck with the server, hope it will last, but please don't use more than 200 max fps. Try shooting FG42 or sten with 250 fps and compare with 125, it's an unfair advantage. Even 200 that we use has issues but 250 will just be bad all around.
If people encounter problems on ET, it's mostly PB related issues. Sometimes I even got kicked randomly on Hirntot, because of PB. We don't rely on PB to issue bans.

Thanks for the feedback regarding com_maxfps changed.
We changed a few things after some feedback
- Added vote next map option
- com_maxfps 166
stick on nitmod
Awesome! Will check it out :D
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