Jere & Worm Movie

There was a movie with some frags of me and Worm. I think the frags were from CC5.
Haven't seen that movie in ages so if anyone still has it, please let me know :)

I can pay you with outlaw.cfg and Elysium tactics


E: this is the one I'm talking about
Long time ago...:D
rayman! how you doing my friend :> Friends in Force for life :D
Damn I didn't even start playing ET back then.
@Jere, Fine here. Still a old fart...:D
#FIF Recruit ??? :P
Wie wilt daar nu naar kijken? :o
i have it
I think I have it: Jere & Worm CC6 Fragmovie.mp4 / 357 MB
ye that's the one, could you upload it for me please? :)
Some months ago someone pm'd me that he has over 15gb of CF uploaded fragmovies and wants to share this with me (for the Facebook Page) but I didnt get in touch with him anymore, maybe your's is there too?
get him on discord: ravage2k4#2296

image: 1
image: 2
image: 3

there are definitely more videos, that's just part of it
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