Survey question 999

I'm sure it's been asked before but Jere's question got me thinking...
What is your favorite fragmovie?

Feel free to list top 3
1.Fragarea 3

2.mAx Chapter 3

3.Wolfenstein ET: polarsoul
Cant really say why but:
Just spam it - dabster
mesq and lio - jeffk

Newskool but a masterpiece imo:
Requiem - ultraviolet prod(?)

Bestest fragmovie series:
winghaven out of the way with - nonix(?)
I haven't watched any in a while, but the ones I remember enjoying a lot were (in alphabetical order):

Cavalcade feat. perfo (fredd)
Fragarea 3 (quaky)
Overclocked (Nonix)
Pick N Roll (phaloid)
Psykotic (sN1e)
R3 ET Clan Trailer (gg67)
Team Modus Operandi - Redemption (Demanufacturer)
Zaigon (hannes)

If I had to choose my favourite of my own it would be Ultraviolet Volume II - Medius ( )

EDIT: Forgot the mention enter the hunter by requem, which had some really great editing work!
i have got a shout out in Fragarea 3, i am cooler than you

R3 ET Clan Trailer (gg67)
also cum
1. mAx Chapter 3
2. Polarsoul
3. Mesq & Lio

This is one of my favorites!!!
TWK Unmasks

and the one I used to watch every day in 2003/04

Destination Skyline - True Destination (2003)

I think from a POV Fragmovie as such, nothing comes close to Polarsoul, as a movie I would say the Ultraviolet Volume II - from -max- takes the crown as the best

Other really enjoyable movies:
  • Artstar 1.0
  • Joshua 3on3 movie
  • Upload 3on3 movie
  • griim & lazio - Can't stop
  • 2
  • Flying hovnos 2
  • Ati_ No no no, This is ET
  • Oldschool Superstars
  • fredd2 movie
  • This is ET
  • omg mAus omg
  • Riflenoobs
  • Ati_ - What Are You Doing There
  • Most Hated 3
Hayaati_ by far
Parodia Magnifica


Indirect Fire - Redemption

Fragarea 3

Modus Operandi - Vindication

mAx capter 3
mAus the movie
Arctic - Aciz & 999 Units per Seconds - Aciz
1. Pawelek

2. Mateuszek <3

meNtal moments series

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