Oldtimers' lounge #2 - what became of you? -edition

Who are you and what do you do for a living?
I'm a software architect (computer nerd [filthy])
cloud architect here
Professional ET gather player
Professional forklift speed racer
Professional kela-rotta
huge appreciation for that.
Eikö pokeri enää maistu?
Hi fellow nerd.

I'm a Network Security Engineer.
I'm between things really, was a teacher, now doing supply teacher (like backup teacher in lots of schools) and working in local shop. Looking for something completely new
Professionnal God of 1on1 & Valhalla player sisi
I am building services specialist
When will the services specialist be ready? Hahaha :D (humour)
Im working as a scientific assistant in a medicine diagnostic laboratory and for one year now Im section leader in the hematology and immunphenotyping. #fuckcorona :D
You are an impressive young man
I'm a rapist these days.
hola amigo
always knew u had it in you my brother
I also considered a career in raping at one point
Junior warhouse worker, getting exams for senior tiitle after summer break.
digital nomad / entrepreneur owning multiple e-comm niche stores and marketing agency for local businesses in my town
trying to stream at twitch ;)
servun paras
Working as analyst / economist.

Like I used to be such a nerd. Math is always lovely
I'm a primary school teacher
Professional drinker, smoker, bone breaker (my own) and CNC operator
Currently finishing up my PhD in engineering. Will start working at CERN from october.
Awesome! Their Openstack platform is fantastic
that is sick man!
Very impressive. What sort of engineering?
recovering drug addict
Which drug? Fentanyl?
too many breakcore raves? ;) been there done that
Country Manager Poland
Lab coordinator
Pisnes män ofköörs
Legal and respectable business I presume?
Ofcourse. Big vacation now though since trying to het full sober :)
Are you a professional shoutcaster or something? I'm glad it all worked out for you
I never went fulltime into casting, I didn't enjoy the volume of travel it required. If you look at the top CS casters now they're on the road 24/7 and that's just not for me. In 2012 I launched the Twitch business in Europe and built that team before moving to Twitch in SF to work exclusively on esports. Then 2 years ago I was hired to Endeavor who are a giant entertainment agency and I run esports there.
Trump Volontire
Designing Benefit Plans for huge financial company, middle management representative :)

btw, have u solved ur alc problems? I remember sharing my story couple of years ago in your calling for help journal, wondering if things went better for u? I had my problems after that comment, this shit is hard to get over
UX Designer, playing Quake Champions these days
System admin in a large organisation, managing 14k Win10 devices.
And helping the skate scene in my city by helping in the organisation of events and talking with the local government reps about skateparks.
sales mananger at a electric company and finishing my mechatronics Engineering degree.
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