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Snakelord is lord

Over the following items i have something to say:
  • Snakes
  • Lords
  • Buckethelmets
  • Fast rolling chairs

I hope you can understand that this is VITAL for our survivability. If we do not follow these strict listness than we will never be able to be a flower from heaven.

image: 2Q
- As you can see this is very blurry

Little fact

  • Ronner do you have IT job for me? i make good webshop and website but i also know how host
  • Tosspot is content director @ twitch @ boobystreamer land

Once upon a time

I listened to fragmovie music and thought this was beautifull piece of this world only i could understand why it went from Oh Ah AH Ah Ah to something more like a balkan techno.

Have you seen the closeness of the buttons when you want to edit, delete or specialist your post? Its like 3 chopped up buraks with no selderie on the top.

Can anyone tell me why black lives do matter?

Wow gois this is new function i found on github changelogs:

Fix navigation bar
If checked always shows navigation bar on top of the page

This is insane in the underbelly
Ronner ik wil wel je CF werknemer worden die hele mooie bloemen bedankt aan jou
remember the time when they implemented warning points so admins thought i would scarred?

Remember when you got banned and you got unbanned? you no gon git that IT job :D

remember when you could refresh the page and see new comments appear, it was alive.

RRRRRR when you remembered your passworD?

remember when seareal and franciska got a baby? its like a hellspawnmongrol
Thrrr is
no there is not
No rule

formatting, i will
sue you .
Remember how h3ll was upset cause you insulted his girly game
"im stoopid" - h3ll
hey value,

You have been filled and you are still asking me for a value? What do?
This is operation kidneytwister
Its lonely up in here but i dont mind having my own conversations


The kidneys are multiplied and are now by pair in the human organ sack. The plan is to twist them in the body so much like crossing your arms on a bike, its gonna get confused and fall and break a tooth.

  1. Locate the kidneys
  2. Seduce the kidneyconfuser
  3. Transfer kidneyconfuser to underground barrel
  4. When in barral, start twisting barral
  5. Get out and ask chinese for surgeon supplies
  6. Surgeon supplies will now be applied and colon sack will be opened
  7. When the kidneys are found, rewire the nerves from left to right and right to left
  8. Use neelde and paper to saw it back together

You have now officially defused the kidneyconfuser turning him into a kidneydefuser

image: businessman-lifting-his-arms-up-and-shout-hooray-vector-23323366

THis is a freaking header with an underline

Wow, this has border bot 1 px #eee solid AMAZING tech i once dreamed about using on one of my own projects. Too bad for me i have not milked the cow in life and now i am stuck with only border top #e1e1 dotted which is not visable at all! Hahah, just my luck dont you see, i never had a cow to milk so how can you blame me?

Wow an amazing new title

The readability has been improved vastly, you could almost acrually write something down without slicing and cropping and placing them with weaver, who uses weaver nowaday? hands up for detroit, i hate that city.
Just go for it man, you have seen Naikee, they been doing it raw and do since 1967 so whats your excuse?

image: R1603B_HOLT
killerboy banned you for stating facts? deserved ban m8
are you my parent?
are you my child or are you always my parent?
im your grandparent, parent, child and you are my parent by now
dude, I called the mental illness hotline. Good luck
wow why not share the number and just say you call yourself? are you egocentric or what?

still i wish you good luck too
Its true that you can believe what you see if you believe

image: 5r9JAaP
Since only Testi and Tosspot reply, my award goes too:


now the Weaver needs to be wattered

image: cream_cookies

Chill a bit...
please bring back the guy with his cat some weeks ago!
Is this member?
CF Member of the year 2020 imo
Balkan music for u
This is top-level communication. Impressive
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