PSG should be respected...

Not really


Dear Crossfire readers,

Ahahahahahah fucking noobs I had a great laugh yesterday.

image: tenor

This is not it though, imagine you spend €€€ to hire "super" stars and you get owned by a guy who was trained in ParisParis, played in ParisParis and you let him go for free :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD how dumb can you be?

Congratz to our Germanyfriends, we celebrated your victory with style in the streets of MarseilleMarseille

I won't even talk about France Lyon since their president already embarassed himself crying for the next CL that he won't be part of LOOOOOOL

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Forever firstly yours,

Marseille LeFrancis - Not a PSG fan
If I judge your comment to be full of madness or if you support another french football cklub that is not Marseille Olympique de Marseille so in the end it will be certainly full of madness. I prepared a special picture for you below:

image: ybqWva6
Ca serait pas toi SNakeLord par hasard ?
Non mais je sais qui c'est. :) Il lui manque une case à ce mec et ça date pas d'aujourd'hui
Ahah je disais ça parce que tu avais commenté tout seul ton propre post comme l'autre a fait mdrr

et c'est qui ce gars parce qu'il avait l'air a fond mdrr :D
What a moment of football!
> Olympique de Marseille - forever 1st
> posts pic from 1993
osef / 20 de Paris :-)
Saint Etienne, les meilleurs.
Gotta admit, you had me with that title. Fuck P$G
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