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Hello friends!

Made a new video (it's VALORANT)

Used a different style + different software (DaVinci Resolve instead of OpenShot) - DaVinci seems so much quicker to use. Also started using Outplayed (stops me going back and watching every single game to find kills - it records and tracks them), so lots of changes! Let me know what you think!

I also uploaded a video in between posting on here, so if you are nerd enough go and find it. Also gonna be posting other stuff that was lurking around my Twitch onto YouTube, so stay tuned!

If anyone wants to paly paly, let me know, me and Germany nicon playing 24h 7days a week #culan.

United Kingdom Joe aka Europe niSmO aka England nnnismo
Europe #follow.VALORANT division


I am 12 and what is this?
Hi friend,

If you're 12 you might enjoy my YouTube channel! Click the link in the journal to access it!

All the best,
What about shadow play with nvidia cards? Make highlights by a press of a button...
I have an AMD card at the mo, might think about it if I upgrade though. TBH Outplayed does a pretty good job, records every game fully and then shows where kills etc are on it and clips them automatically - pretty happy with it
if ur happy and you know it clapp ur hands
i like the part were Carla screams "NONONONO" and "OWWW AUUU" xD
Haha sorry, I disconnected the stream! She cray 4sure
First time playing in weeks, I got excited okay!??!?! LEAVE ME ALONE XD
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