Diabotical Officially Launches

Diabotical is an online multiplayer arena FPS game developed by The GD Studio (James "2GD" Harding) and published by Epic Games. It aims to be "a spiritual successor to Quake".

After years of development, the game has finally launched and is available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Hi mate, looks interesting, thanks for sharing!
thx for sharing
looks nice
Thx for sharing! I'll take a closer look asap
i'll have your secretary schedule a meeting in your agenda to test it out
My schedule looks scrappy, what have you done homie? Unable to play any video games for a whole week
That's what happens when you don't give me a raise!
Diabotical could actually be a thing, despite being on Epic Games. Hopefully it grows a good player base.
Diabotical is really good. The game is similar to Quake Live. Looks and feels great, a ton of customization options from HUD to mouse options, map editor, several game modes for both competitive and casual play, and you can customize your egg bot character (best feature.) Already saw a few familiar names from ET in-game, definitely worth a try. It is free after all.

I made a video with mostly MacGuffin gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJQJDR3zutI

It's pretty much a shitter version of QL. If you actually wanna know how a real AFPS works like play Quake Live. Diabotical is a buggy, dumbed down version of QL.
Needs Linux support :(
EQU8 needs Linux/Wine or whatever that AC needs support
Ah another game I can be absolutely trash at that actually looks like fun
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