on Sardegna with Danone!

hei e-buddies!
just spent a week on the island of Sardinia with an old school Italian Ferrari Italy Danone. Had an amazing time at his place and all over the island... special food, beer and wonderful beaches.
here are some photos.. (click on photos for bigger picture)
image: 1599462144099image: 1599461847451image: 1599462036285image: 1599461847393image: 1599461847185image: 1599461847116
hf @ Corona
Looks beautiful, is there anywhere you would recommend in particular?
image: 1599737679921

Here are the places we actually visited... if I have to choose the best places we have seen (in order):
1. Cala Spinosa
2. Cala Luna
3. spiagge delle vacche
Niiiiice thanks so much! Was it expensive there? I would probably go on motorcycle
Really nice of you to share. Pictures look amazing :)
Greetz to Danone :) I loved Cagliari :)
Im at Greece atm. Enjoy
looks neat
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