Microsoft buying ZeniMax - anything can be done for ET?


With Microsoft moving on to buy ZeniMax, does anyone here has the faintest idea what it could mean for ET's future (inb4 dead game jokes)? I know it's early but maybe this big piece of news represents an opportunity to get things moving on concerning ET and its availability on the gaming market...

I remember looking into old journal entries where people would talk about their discussion with ZeniMax (and Activision) concerning a potential game release on Steam, saying that for a number of reasons including legal reasons, things would not go further, leaving ET cornered waiting for its demise.

Now that ZeniMax is being bought by Microsoft, could it mean anything different for ET? When the deal is formerly done, maybe it's going to be time for a new wakeup call to the Wolfenstein franchise's new owner as a way of saying there are still people out there who cares about ET and would love to see rise new opportunities for the game to have more visibility and more attractivity.

Anyway, I'm probably just dreaming about the whole thing but I'd at least would have liked to hear from much more competent people on the matter than me their informed opinion and see a bit of discussion going on.

Copy paste this to some microsoft exec :D might give em a good business idea - also dreaming

The Estonian guy will now get 10mil from Microsoft to finish ET2
In this press conference they mention that they hired Tomislav Zubcic aka chaplja to code a working anticheat.
i think he still enjoys his life with the money he got from speedlink to code a working anticheat

I thought the amount was really small, like 2k? xD
And here's the interview with him
Even just featuring it in the Xbox app \ Microsoft store app would help. But kids nowadays only care about graphics and slow paced shooters with iron sight instead of fast paced fps games.
I think if anything comes of this in regards to reviving older titles it will be for something more promising like Quake Champions

they've clearly given up on multiplayer Wolfenstein games anyway
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