Behavior of players

I am writing this post, because I do not longer wish to tolerate the behavior of certain players within our community.

I have not been properly around myself in the period between the last LAN and the recent NationsCup. This has been the same period in which discord obtained a lot of activity within our community and became the new standard. The introduction of discord gave rise to many advantages and can be generally considered as a huge success. However, in my eyes, it came with one major downside. That was the behavior of some players.

It saddened me when I made my return to hear stories from others who lost their fun in their game due to the toxic behavior from others. To the bullies themselves; I can only wonder how someone can lose so much track from reality to justify their own toxic behavior and have no longer any empathy towards others.

This post is also supported by the events of last Sunday, where players refused to continue to play the tournament. Players should realize that such behavior is not accepted by any means. To absolutely erase all misbehavior might be an illusion, but I would like to contribute in my own way to a more healthy community.

Going forward, this means that misconduct of any kind during tournaments will lead to exclusion from future events, both online as offline. After careful consultation with Slovenia Aniky, we have also decided that misbehavior during tournaments will lead to a severe punishment for the gathers self.

I am firm believer of second chances. Anyone who has been excluded from gaming due to his behavior, but is willing to talk about it in an adult way, is free to get in touch with me for a chat to tell his side of the story.

To conclude, one or more players are as of right now excluded from future tournaments.

Respect means valuing others
''To conclude, one or more players are as of right now excluded from future tournaments.''

I prefer not to announce names in public, because it is not my purpose to insult or humiliate people. It is not a secret however, so if you are interested I can answer you in private.
Saving this spot to post later a very extensive comment in here.
Disclaimer: This comment is not aimed at anyone in particular. Not that I care about some people being butthurt but mostly because I talk about the general atmosphere in ET 6vs6 ranked.
Let me save your time if your ego is too big and you don't want to read about someone who never achieved anything in ET, save some of your lacrimal fluid, and stop reading here. It's your right to stay in your own silly mindset. :)

Fun gaming vs serious gaming:
I can understand that people want to compete at a high level. I value skill as much as some people playing this game. I'm one of the guys who get excited after seeing an incredible goal, an athlete breaking a new record or more simply, I love the sweet melody mAus makes with his Thompson after hitting several headshots within a couple of seconds. Now you can wonder, why is it so relevant to the current situation? Well, whether it's Messi, Usain Bolt, or mAus, these guys practiced hard ON THEIR OWN and blamed no one else than THEMSELVES when their team failed. You can come up with some counterexamples but it's not my point. My point is: fix your errors before blaming others. It's easy to have an influence on YOUR mistakes but you can't control someone else's mistakes. It's a fact and you should accept it if you don't want to be frustrated playing a not so active game until the end of your life.

Does serious gaming really make sense on ET?
If you want to play for the beauty of the game and high-quality gaming in a good atmosphere then props to you and I encourage you to do so. There's nothing wrong. Now, if you get irritated by other's skills because you think you are the best, in an e-world where top players are for a long time gone, let me write here a couple of words. So yes, you are the best ET player in 2020. Congratz. Where's your cash prize? Where's your monthly salary for being a cyber athlete? Where are the fanboys sucking your dick cause you're the best? NOWHERE. All you get are some 30 yo grownup men who don't give a shit about who you are. Please, think about it the next time you are about to play ranked.

My 2 cents:
I know there are some parts in this comment that may seem as if I'm trolling. Maybe I am, maybe I am not BUT I am deadly serious about the idea behind each point. I think the rank system is good and bad at the same time. I know for a fact that I would surely not have played about 1k league of legends ranked game a year if there was no ranked system. So it's good I am sure it helps in getting more ET matches played every day. The drawback is that with the actual system, the "bullies" will always use it as a way to compare their e-penises and it will end up nowhere. Especially, when the bullies are the ones being encouraged rather than being punished. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've never heard of anyone getting banned for his poor behavior towards another player maybe because "the bullies" are in fact sheep.

That being said, big thanks to BelgiumJere for yesterday's cup, we at Europe professional eSports cklub since 2008 enjoyed a lot playing against the nerds of dot, uGc and A! Also since I am a man of my words and want to act towards a more friendly ET community I would like to sincerely apologize to:
The players of dot: For saying that the only light you had this summer is the one from your monitors
A! Aurora: For calling you a noob on hirntot public server and saying that I hope riflegrenade gets fixed next patch. I was just a bit upset because my aiming accuracy dropped from 70% to 69% because of you.
The whole uGc clan, for trying to inflitrate your team before the game starts in an attempt to hear about your tactics and no, I won't send you picture of my titties you perverts.

Warmest regards,

Marseille LeFrancis - Coach & CEO at top 6 online top 11 offline

lefrancis for leadmin
Better not xD
Quote All you get are some 30 yo grownup men who don't give a shit about who you are.

End of the story :)
Stop the childish bullying from some people in this community.
When I came to the community in November 2019 the large majority was very welcoming and glad to help a noobie out.
After a couple of months some rotten eggs started constant bullying in discord and obviously most of the time i just ignored it or stood up for myself (because most of them are really sad cases of humanity) I hope more people will stand up too these people. It would probably be better in the long run to just ban these people for a long long time...
gather are toxic by egos of ppl who think being somewhat good in 2020 in ET makes them anyhow important! Jesus! Sebhes well written buddy and so true! In the rules it says to be respectful but no-one cares if some1 (Bobika / Mayan / Webe / Bloodje.. just from the top of my head) picks on the last gather pick or person who is not at their level. Have seen number of times ppl being toxic towards last picks (we will loose with for example myself) even BEFORE the game started... My favorite goes for Webe crying on chat on the second map after 0:2 "you cant win with seeD and Metzor in one team u simply cant" and then actually taking the game to decider and winning. No lessons learned there and by others in so many similar occasions. Funny thing is that these so called now toxic players influence behavior of other players who become themselves "a bit" negative as they think its a new standard. Its just overall sad and I am happy to see some1 with reputation actually writing how it really is xd
Over and out
Nice post Sebhes man !

Bobika and Bloodje are truely toxic, trolling people who asked nothing, publishing pitures of people and this almost everyday
Just because of them we lost a number of new motivated players on etpro .... it's unbelievable.. and nobody ever did anything before.
Was thinking of posting something similar after seeing all the gather stuff, but really glad you've done it because what you have said is spot on. Gather has become the norm, but mixing med+ players with low+ players seems to have created this environment where the top gather players have egos the size of houses and all players are just complaining all the time. As a player towards the low+ end of the gather spectrum, it's not a welcoming and fun place to play games.

It's also so obvious who you're talking about, because the gather regulars are so toxic that they cover everything. Get them banned for a while and allow gather to become something positive again. I know several people in the community who do not play gathers because they do not want to be shouted at, and there is really no defence for it. Imagine being an adult, in 2020, playing a 17 YO game and shouting at people for getting a full or whatever. It's ridiculous!

Get rid of the shitmunchers, make gathers more welcoming, advertise it positively, change the reputation of it. It can be rescued, but it'll need some work
Thanks a lot for those willing to comment, also thank you to those who have reached out to me in private on discord. Unfortunately, it is more severe and a more general consensus than I thought it was. I hope that by talking about it we are able to rise some awareness. We should all look ourselves in the mirror every now and then and question the appropriateness of our actions. But please, don't let it be a short term change.

Change starts with you, but it does not start until you do.
I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to see people deliberately creating a toxic environment within the community after last years LAN event. Especially after you guys did such a great job organising everything.
I mean, don't get me wrong, gather has been toxic for a lot longer but I did get the feeling that with the LAN people realised that at the end of the day playing this game is about the nostalgia and the fun within the community. But seeing the behaviour of some players, I guess that was not the case.

I'm really glad that you made this post and finally said what a lot of us (especially people who have been around since the very beginning) were thinking. Unfortunately it is important to mention that a lot of those "toxic" people get enabled by those who are supposed to be in charge. I get it, trolling is fun and trolling "mad nerds" is even funnier but if you contribute to the issue as an admin, what's the point in punishing the rest?
I think for this endeavour to have any kind of credibility, the people in charge need to be held accountable as well. (Not talking about the cup yesterday, just in general.) Change has to happen within the community on both sides if you want to sustain a positive environment. But as I said, I think it's a big step into the right direction to actually call things as they are. So well done :)

And with that: loves all of you and we can only hope that one day every single person in this community will reach the level of carelessness and idiocy as you can only find it within the chaotic ranks of this top11 world team.
This actually made me giggle multiple times but I guess it's worthy giving a comment regarding all of this.
First thing is that I find it amusing but understandable that people don't see through you or they simply just don't care enough about recognising fake people, Seba. I wish you atleast had the decency to name me & those others specifically or reach out in PM as you so happily mention for people to do. No shame there. :)

QuoteThis post is also supported by the events of last Sunday, where players refused to continue to play the tournament. Players should realize that such behavior is not accepted by any means.

I said immediately after it was published that there is DIV1 with 3 teams and we play the only game that actually made sense in 3h (well 2h, but I was here since 19h to see if teams actually signed up and if it will happen, you know - to actually be there and play) - that I won't play. I had a replacement for me in that case as well and everyone knew, but without being a dickhead towards the others, I assume 5 other people just didn't decide that ME not playing makes it pointless ;)

Also there is the factor of YOU guys asking us nicely to get a team together not that long ago, to give you a good pracc - so we've spent quite literally atleast 2h spamming people and getting together a decent team to GIVE YOU GUYS a good pracc and then you suddenly decided you wouldn't play. Stop pretending you are all nice and never did any shit towards anyone else.

Also stop pretending like you guys are the nicest people around who have never flamed anyone :D "look in the mirror" quote being nicely hypocritical right there.

QuoteI have not been properly around myself in the period between the last LAN and the recent NationsCup.

QuoteIt saddened me when I made my return to hear stories from others who lost their fun in their game due to the toxic behavior from others.

So you haven't been around but you take what someone says to you with full trust, because I guess people only tell you the full truth every time? :D
Considering how obvious there is the leaning towards "toxicity" on Discord I feel there is also quite a need to verify a few things in that aspect.

I have NEVER flamed any new or bad player because they play or played bad. I think there could be enough people to actually underline this fact. That I start by time flaming someone is usually the cause of their own actions - if there are people who troll or flame and then can't accept getting the same back, that's their issue not mine.

The biggest cry baby regarding "bullying" would quite obviously be Eric (I suppose you have heard some crying from him through outlaw? XD) - I haven't flamed him at beginning, everyone else in the community put in the effort to help him (Squid gave calls for him on TS so he could concentrate on playing, Cupra taught him ton of shit etc) but then something one time just switched and he started trolling in games and flaming back (that's probably his "back yourself up" lmao), which was the turning point where people started flaming him - deservedly so.

In the Discord community from my POV I can say I genuinely just disliked Eric & Tomuf (whom I also defended at first, when he was getting flamed by ipod - but his crackhead brain just made me get irritated by him), the rest is pretty much just a flame-for-flame if you want to say it that way. I also defended Dave, t1mmae, Metzor etc etc, you can't say that I've been toxic towards players without a reason - whether it was needed to continue for a longer time is debatable and probably no, but it isn't like that those players are angels without fault and they just got bullied/insulted/flamed for no reason.

tl;dr - stop pretending like everything is so one sided :)
There are always two sides to each story and I completely agree that it is fair to keep that in mind. I appreciate your comment, but at the same time I am disappointed by the multiple false statements you make. As I wrote in the post, if you ever feel the need to reach out to me in person, I am willing to talk about it one on one.

I rather try to come up with solutions here than to start a yes/no discussions about the minor things.
Why didn't reach out to me about Sunday and asked the others? I know what mayan told you and that isn't the true, because I simply said that I won't wait and that I have someone who can play for me - blade & wut then also said they wont play etc, it's not like I was the one who made everyone not play - they easily could have.

If I said something that's a lie, do you atleast have the decency not to seem fake publicly and call it out here?
I do not, people have the right to think of me what they want. I don't feel the need to gain my right in public. Again, the offer remains, it is up to you what you want to do with it.
This just proves my point ever more :)
QuoteI said immediately after it was published that there is DIV1 with 3 teams and we play the only game that actually made sense in 3h (well 2h, but I was here since 19h to see if teams actually signed up and if it will happen, you know - to actually be there and play) - that I won't play. I had a replacement for me in that case as well and everyone knew, but without being a dickhead towards the others, I assume 5 other people just didn't decide that ME not playing makes it pointless ;)

Why sign up if you won't play? Cups take some waiting, it is the way they work, why not be patient or dont sign up?

QuoteI have NEVER flamed any new or bad player because they play or played bad.

I agree with this, you aren't generally one who flames, but this shouldn't be a point to pride yourself on tbh - everyone needs to be more welcoming, everyone needs to be more positive, everyone needs to play nice and not flame - this should be the absolute basic of playing gathers, not something to boast about
1) I said as soon as it was obvious that the game again Elysium would be in 2h (3h waiting) that I can get someone for me and that i won't play that game. I mean two others guys said they wont play either, but I guess some others need to save their face and say that it was me being negative who made everyone else not want to play.

Then those people would say "let's play gather" instead of trying to get people to play the game vs Elysium, but apparently it was me, who made everyone leave. :)

2) Sebhes' point about toxicity and flaming was aimed towards me as well as some other people, so it's just an explanation, nothing I pride myself in. Wish I was able to chill out more and not be as competitive when it comes to play and wanting to win, hence why I may go over the edge quite often, but that's just how it is :)
You don't flame people when you are playing with them, that is good. But on Discord, Crossfire, Gamestv and public you are often toxic with your comments. I don't like you because of that.
I talk shit/troll people, this has always been the thing regarding ET as it's always been one of the most toxic communities I've ever met in any game online - that doesn't mean I try to justify doing it and I'm well aware that there have been cases and I went over the top. Also I have never had any issue if someone directly pmmed me and asked me about it and asked for me to stop because it made them "uncomfortable" or anything in that regard - I've always stopped then.

It's just a person to person and I've never really been one to get affected by what a random person I don't care about tells me on the internet, I would just give back what I receive in that way - again not trying to approve it or say that it's the right way to deal with it, but there is too many snowflakes around.

What comes specific towards you is the one that I just made fun of you or trolled you for the fact that you thought you were a good rifle because you get kills with it on public - that's really all, I've never had any agenda against you or anything. I suppose that similarly to rezta at lan, where he was a super nice guy you would be also and we could have a laugh or a beer. I just vent my frustration that way and if you ever felt that offended that you took it to your hurt, you should've just said so and I would've stopped :)
You liar

Ive already pmed you and asked you to stop publishing pictures of me, wearing my real name, stop your bullies on me, you never stopped, you never ever answered on discord and all you did was saying in public after i asked you why you do this "mxt0r stop pm me"
1) I never used your real name after you've asked me to stop

2) You probably dont remember you yourself photoshopping pics of me and posting them yourself

3) On public it had nothing to do with what you are talking about now :)
Your stalking and harrassment has never stopped on Discord, I made a picture of you 1x cause i've seen that whatever I asked you, you didn't listen to me and kept going, you've never been punished nor warned by admins so as you keep doing it, why wouldn't I do it too ?

So stop denying and talk like you're the victim
Assume who you are and what you do.
Sorry if I'm intruding in your discussion, but from what I can understand both of you have shared pics of each other on discord with the purpose to make fun of someone without the other permission. So, 1 or more times you did it, doesn't matter, It is anyway unacceptable. I would suggest you just to sorry each other and put a stone on it. It is a game, it should be fun and fair. If you want to share pics just share some good porn :) it will be better for you and for all <3
So between 1 who shared 1 picture 1x and never started any conflict and one who bully the other since over 3 years with almost eveyrday bad trolls and a number of memes we can't even count, we can't put us 2 in the same basket

But what should I have done ? Saying "Ok" or "Thank you" everytime during all this time and hope that one day, someone makes finally a serious subject about this ?

Look Reb, everybody accusate him of doing it, it's not like i'm the only one complaining, he is doing the same to everyone..
Yes Mxt0r I can understand your point of view and I agree about how you felt being treated like this.. but I think we cannot murder a murderer.. I agree that for these kind of behaviour there should be an admin action, like a ban or something.. otherwise there are international laws about the unappropriate use of pictures without permission. So maybe a good report to the police would bring the bullies to the real life :)
You are the one talking like victim and you can't accept the fact you've done something wrong, that's all.

I've never denied doing something that I've done, so stop trying to twist what I'm saying there.
You're always trying to reverse the problem, you're the one bullying others, not me

What wrong i've done ? tell me. publishing 1 picture of you after you made around 40 memes on me and shared in public pictures i didn't allow you to share + making fun of my real name and threatening me and telling me you want me to die etc... ? Yeah ok if so, then i did wrong :) i admit

Admit yourself that you're breaking all rules and that you're a bullier and stop doing it.
What am I trying to reverse?

I mean you probably have a problem of properly understanding English which is why you get so upset and just don't get a lot of stuff - unless you have some mental deficit that isn't related to understanding what's being said, then that's my bad and I apologise.

I made 40memes of you? I suppose that's a lie - I probably only made that gopro meme & then 1v1king emoji, which were simply funny and 99% of people laughed at them, not directly at you - that was something you managed to do yourself.

And what wrong have you done? You insulted me as much as I insulted you, but I atleast have the guts to admit that some things I've said may have crossed the line, you're denying all of that and acting like you are only a victim who's done nothing :)
What don't I get ? "I'm gonna fuck your mom and dad a split on your mouth" is supposed to be humour maybe ? don't turn yourself into a worse position than you are already, you're spotted, just stop trying to defend what cannot be defended, for once, stop answering back and it will be ok.
Oh ! BObika apologizing xd I don't know why it looks so fake but.. ok i accept.

No, not about that 1v1king and gopro memes, I've always been fine with it and said it was indeed funny.

Na, I didn't insult you as much as you've done. or should you show me in private then, all the times I've insulted you ? and then i'll show you after all the times you've insulted me, i'm afraid that you'll have some text to read.

The only thing i've done was to "spam" for 1v1, liking a format you don't like so you thought i was a weirdo because of it.

I always admit my mistakes, i've had some talk with admins about it already, I had a talk with someone else who's not admin but with who i had a little issue too about it,

I already tried to have a peace private conversation with you, to have explanation, to ask you what i've done to you and i would have shared also my opinion but you always ignored me or showed in public the fact that i spam you.

What else could I do ?
i like how this guy somehow thinks hes the whole community
he said "99% of ppl find pictures of others funny" - maybe just the 0.5% find the pictures funny (webe devix mayan and our headadmin aniky) . the real 99% of the community do not want any type of pictures shared or made into memes or emojis
Lol I also noticed that but i cba answer about this :D but yeah the whole community isn't toxic, only 3 or 4 individualities (to me, there are surely more), make the whole community being toxic, while 95 to 99% of people are nice and fair
This can be a toxic community. It does not help if you are being toxic yourself outside the game. That is the reason I don't like you.

I don't mind the rifle comments myself. I know being a good rifle on public does not translate to being a good competition rifle. But it is one of the reasons I almost stopped playing ET gathers, since I almost never get a chance to play rifle. I always need to play defensive medic... and than people wonder why I get lowest damage. It's a vicious cycle.
i appreciate your effort to change smth Sebhes, but i think it is way too late to change anything, especially when you talk with an admin who is doing this toxic bullies himself and acts like he's the god of discord.
Coming from a guy being a coma drunk and ruining the fun for others then complains when getting banned for it? Clean your own doorstep before talking about others.
and there we gooooo, thank you for showing exactly what i mean.
starting with calling me a coma drunk all the time, very funny because i played over 100 gathers and have been drunk for exactly 2 games at 3 o'clock at the weekend where you were not even around. i rarly drink alcohol at all but noone cares, because testi, bobika or you just starting with "oh he's drunk again", simply because i don't deny it (because i got tired of doing so).
next time you ban me for shooting a pf 1st spawn on supply like it's EC final or most important game ever.
i can go on and on with more examples but i really believe you're that narrow-minded and arrogant that you only see mistakes in others.
We all know it was not only 2 games where u were either trolling or being drunk, not that it matters as i wont waste my time discussing such pointless stuffs when the outcome is not gonna be any producitve at the end. I have never denied any of my own mistakes and can always see them when i make them, so thats no the issue.
"We all know it was not only 2 games" seriously, how can you assume that to someone you have never seen or meet in you whole life? That is what i call narrow-minded for a reason you show us here.
"not that it matters as i wont waste my time discussing such pointless stuffs" yep, thats always your answer when i asked you why you banned me for.
that proofs that i am right with what i said before.
Because its quite clear when i see a sober stownage vs a drunk stownage, not only me but everyone else who has been pming me for your ban while i was not around. Dont believe me? Ask any active player that played with u at gathers and u will get same answer.
Every time u got banned it was pretty clear so any further explanations were not needed, otherwise re-read the rules and u might get a hint next time.
I am sorry, but this also counts for you. He is right. How you behave when you have a bad day, or when you are in a bad team, is truly toxic.
Clean your own doorstep before talking about others.
Could be said exactly the same for u, given the fact i have heard so many pointers towards you from a lot of individuals, so take that advice for urself before talking of others :)
I assume it's time i actually give my view on all of this since im the one in charge of gathers and was here from the very start when the gathers started on this discord.

ETPro and it's community was always divided into two categories, one which was there to say they were proud to participate in any kind of cups (for fun only) and other which aimed to win or perform in their best abilities. Obviously when u put those two together, it comes to things such as this topic talks about. Having players who are competitive from their nature and players who dont care if they win or lose is just never gonna work out.

At the very start, we had two separate gathers, 6v6 and 6v6 ranked, while 6v6 served for fun games where everyone could chill out and play casually without worrying of being flamed or being put under pressure, 6v6 ranked was created with the purpose of giving competitive group of players their own ladder which would serve as a "serious buzzines" style, with tactics and everyone giving their best in order to win each game. As obvious as it was, the 6v6 ranked thrilled in activity shortly after it was created as majority of community is still having the same mentality, while the 6v6 "fun gather" was slowly dieing, having game here and there over the course of week.

With that in mind, we obviously knew this is not going to work out as the lower tier players and those who did not wish to play 6v6 ranked would not have any kind of games going as that group of players was simply too small to keep activity up, so we were forced to fuse both ladders together and with that set up some kind of guidance / rules to keep games as best for both sides. If u came to play 6v6 ranked gather games, u had to follow specific rules in order to be allowed to as the goal was still to keep the games as competitive as possible.

Having done that, u simply had somekind of draft cup where u had top tier player being in same team as lower tier player or those who didnt bother playing serious at all and that obvious would never work out. At the beginning everyone was trying their best, higher tier players teaching others how to play, how to make calls, how to play their spots in the team and so on and so on, while lower tier players were trying (most of them) to keep with that and do their best. Obviously when u had certain group of individuals who after multiple games (30+ games) would still ignore the ingame calls, tactics or just do whatever they wanted, others got annoyed by it and hence the flame and toxicity started to come into the gathers.

Problem is sadly not as one sided as everyone is trying to make it look in this topic, but both sides are to be blamed for it, good players might get annoyed because they know before hand that certain individual is simply gonna make a game unpleasant and unfun for them by just doing random shit that they re not supposed to be doing, while rest of team is trying hard to win game. When players such as Cupra, toxic, Peliku, razz, Joshua and i could name them a lot more start raging / flaming someone because of how they play, u know there are some serious problems from those ppl as well. The above mentioned players did their best to teach newcomers and lower tier players how to become better but after a while, even they realized that with some its simply waste of time as they will never listen to tactics or their role in team.

6v6- ranked gather was always aiming for competitive style of gaming and while 6v6 died because there were lack of such players, there's no other way than try to find a middle path from both groups. Better players will have to try to keep their cool but so should lower tier players start listening to ingame calls and do what they are told if gathers are to be a thing in a year or so.

I could of easily separate both formats again, making it 6v6 fun and 6v6 ranked and it wouldn't take a genius to find out which one would be more active after a month. If there are so many players that dislike the atmosphere of competitive 6v6 ranked, reach me out at discord and we can arrange separate gathers again so those who dont feel like playing under pressure or being flamed can join 6v6 fun gather while the rest who feel being competitive can maintain playing among themselves 6v6 ranked gathers and both sides will be happy.

When looking at any problems, u have to always check what caused it, each action will have own reaction, noone is flamed without a reason and my point above proves it. If anyone feels the need to talk about it or suggest anything, my pm is open here or at discord. I added additional settings at one of our bots at discord so most of spam / flame should be auto deleted and offenders muted on spot.

As for any future cups and such, given the fact i have hosted multiple of those myself and even with recent NC, i definitely know how Jere felt having to deal with such issue, so when someone is hosting a cup, even if u have to wait a bit longer because the brackets couldnt be perfect from start go, try to realize how much work is being put from that individual hosting a cup and that the person is basically spending their entire evening to make something for the community, so instead of quitting without a proper reason, step into their shoes and look how they feel when having to deal with such cases.

There can and will be multiple future cups in ET, but only if the entire community makes a step forward and try to appreciate things that are done for them from some indivdiuals who love this game and dont want it to die yet.
I almost have to agree a 100% with your view on this but I would like to share mine as well.

I think we can all admit there are some players who dont really fit a 100% in these gathers nowadays, for being way below the avg skill level, not listening to comms, not doing what they have been told to do and/or not even being able to understand some basic English. I think we can all name a few examples.

However, with making a 'one for all' gather, we have to deal with this. Its just the way it is and there is nothing to do against. Maybe its time to start thinking about making 2 'divisions' if you dont want them to participate in the gathers but then again, how are we/you ever going to decide who can play in div 1 and who can play in div 2?

The last question brings me to the main problem we're dealing with right now IMO. We just have too much 'so called pro players' calling everyone else shit and thinking they're always doing the best things possible. It already starts before a gather even started. "Oh I am not with player X in the team but with player Y, I am going to troll" (the first time I read that I obviously thought it was troll, but then again people who say things like that come TeamSpeak and start groaning/whining even BEFORE the 1st round started!). Bye motivation for the rest of the team.

These new time pro's still think ET is gonna make them rich one day. Unfortunately there is nothing to play for (anymore) in this game and when there was actually something to play for they were nowhere to be seen.So why dont we all enjoy the game we love (otherwise we wouldnt be around after so many years) as long as possible?

Next to that, as I said before, just being around in the Discord channel 24/7 only to laugh at people, to flame people, to tell people they have 20 IQ or 'negative IQ' (favourite words of some among us), to tell people they dont have a life or a job,... Its just fucking sad. As an head admin u shouldnt participate (!) in these kind of 'discussions' or this behaviour. That just doesnt make sense at all. By the way, I am not saying you're the only one. I am only saying you are one of them.

I used to remember you - we even played some games together back in 2013 - as a nice guy with respect to others. Unfortunately you arent showing that anymore on Discord.

Can also start talking about the specific Deti case, but I wont do that as this isnt the main cause of my frustration.

I just hope this whole topic is going to change some small things, bring back some respect towards everyone else and will give us back the fun this game gave us all a lot of times before (both off and online).
QuoteNext to that, as I said before, just being around in the Discord channel 24/7 only to laugh at people, to flame people, to tell people they have 20 IQ or 'negative IQ' (favourite words of some among us), to tell people they dont have a life or a job,... Its just fucking sad. As an head admin u shouldnt participate (!) in these kind of 'discussions' or this behaviour. That just doesnt make sense at all. By the way, I am not saying you're the only one. I am only saying you are one of them.

Exactly this. You can't expect players to change their attitude or behaviour when you [talking about being an admin in general, not about one specific person] are more than willing to either participate or quietly sit back and watch it all unfold. It is more than possible to mute someone without it being a discussion, to not insult someone for misbehaving or to refer people to private messages. I know it can be tedious to have to explain rules over and over again to people who are more interested in trolling than actually listening, but being an admin means having certain responsibilities. You know, this whole "nip it in the bud before it escalates" thing instead of adding fuel to the fire.

We're all human, of course everyone has a bad day here and there and sometimes you simply cba to deal with the kind of madness that occurs within the community, which is totally fine, but we have all seen it happening that more than one admin lost their cool more than once... or 20 times... or all the time.
Trying to keep the game alive should not compromise your integrity as an admin, meaning you shouldn't turn a blind eye to toxic behaviour simply because those people keep the game going.
So spot on it actually hurts
What I find quite intriguing is the fact that you all act as if this is the only option - the Schnee's discord.

There is a working bot that has even 4v4/5v5/2v2 etc on Scoof's discord which is the same, why don't players who "dislike" the toxicity or don't play on schnee's discord just go and play on that one?

It's not like everything and ESPECIALLY the activity just suddenly happened. It took us talking to people, promoting it, inviting people we knew so we could play the game after it's been dead for over a year. The fact that people just simply aren't willing to put in the effort to make the same happen on Scoof's discord (WHILE already having working bot and everything) is a bit funny.
Can't talk for scoof's Discord, but when some players made their own group to do their own 'internal gathers'(partly because of not wanting to play with specific people), some admins got really annoyed because they were splitting up the community :P and those admin aren't wrong there. If everyone who dislikes a part of the main community splits off, we end up with no community. Better to remove those few that ruin it for others/the majority than to expect people to all split off and make their own groups, because otherwise it's just another endless cycle of packing up bags when you then don't agree with the new place/scoofs place. Not saying people aren't lazy or unwilling to set up their own thing, but what you're saying is equivalent of "take the bad with the good or piss off", rather than addressing the unneeded and unwanted bad and having a more fun community with possibly more people now that those actual toxic factors are gone.
The quite literal reason for Private Gather was that the "bad" players wouldn't be there and it would only be skilled Qs - which would lead to higher quality game and quite probably less toxicity and flaming.
I simply want to show my gratitude by saying thank you for your efforts throughout the year. It is more time consuming than it looks and I think you have ran a very very successful NationsCup recently. Let us try to find a solution for the current state that we have gotten ourselves into.
Fruits.Apricot / Ratricot here ;

Parzi :
Quote' Unfortunately it is important to mention that a lot of those "toxic" people get enabled by those who are supposed to be in charge. '

I can only agree with this.

That's what I said one year and a half ago already. Admins made the decision to keep the bullies around and never punished anyone for insulting / bullying people (which is IMO far more concerning than missing a spawn / taking full in a gather game XD ) ; I guess they feared they'd lose too many players. Having said that it didn't prevent the nutters and wanna-be-pro-players to make their own private discord and poach players from the Schnee server ... And yes my dears, it doesn't pay off to be weak, it never does.

The fact is that it creates a very negative atmosphere, it is more nerve-racking and anxiety inducing ... Admins are-were WEAK. They totally overlooked the bullying perspective and hid behind the following narrative ' the community has always been toxic ' ; That's WEAK and PITIFUL. And it's a vicious circle, unfortunately, out of social mimicry and conformity, you can get good people turned into baddies / doomers with this crap (youngsters, people with lower mental strength, people who have been bullied before and who lost faith in humanity). And this toxic environment can disrupt everything ...

You guys even banned a top #10 3v3 ranked player @Dave for 30 days .... XD

Aye aye aye !
Lulw, toxic cunts get fucked.
The meme above suits you very well. image: 8mzqngY
Can't be toxic against people that shouldnt have the tag people or persons. Can't expect to get treated with respect when you're the world's biggest trashbag of the community.
@Sebhes here you got an evidence of what we are talking about ;)
Oh, please dont ban me from the ET discord!!!!! Choke on a dick, you trash tier polak. Should've been aborted at whatever age you're at now.
This doesnt seem like very professional player behavior
Finally bullydje banned, thank you
Friendly reminder that the grass is greener on the other side.
Yea, because double standars and cronyism is not a problem in rtcw. Let me start with one of your favorites, here I gladly present you all mr Jam image: lzzv7Ep talking in a typical 1.4 way to another player
Can you imagine getting banned from 2 discord communities for being toxic. Your whole life down the drain.
If only people behave online as they do offline this would be an happy place hehe
This logic would be really nice but seems like people still can't comprehend the fact that ignoring people in real life is about tranquillion times easier than online :))))
In the end we all get a few years older and we should enjoy this game on the spare time we get every now and then. Toxicity towards less skilled players from whoever is really sad and demotivating
Everyone says that until they play more often or more games in a row...

If the most chilled guys I've ever met in this game manage to rage/get tilted over the top, it rather says something about the rest, than them, no?
I understand both parties and yea i it might say something about the rest but i think key is the way the "older/more experienced" guys repond to such situations. It might even be a character trait and that's fine but should not be dragged out of the game in a way it literally demotivated new players to play again.

Im not pointing fingers by the way i sometimes notice the way we treat eachother in gathers sometimes in a rude matter. I think most of us have a good enough living to put the anger/tilt/rage aside and just go on..

Sidenote; i think that constructive feedback towards the less skilled players but also constructive feedback to the admins can do no harm to noone..
But you guys keep ignoring the fact that the most chilled out guys who were also "older/experienced/skilled" managed to somehow find a way to rage/get tilted or simply stop playing because of the poor players.

It was also mentioned number of times that a new player has never been flamed straight away and was offered pointers as to what to do and how to improve, it usually takes more than just one one or a couple of games for people to get tilted at those guys.
Well im not speaking for others and i dont know who you mean specifically when you say players quit playing because of poor players.. That's also an unfortunate and imo unnessesary measure to take in defense of gaining activity within the community. Can also understand that those guys lack motivation schooling someone how to play in ET in 2020..

Atleast whenever i play a gather game which is way less than some others, i would atleast try to motivate instead of jumping on the flame bandwagon. But like i said it might be just character traits.

I feel as an "more experienced" player responsible for an "healthy game environment" in ET and as far as im concerned thats the only thing that promises the continuity of this community so perhaps that is like sebhes said the relevancy of making a post like this: discussing how to fix the car instead talking about how broken it is.
QuoteBut you guys keep ignoring the fact that the most chilled out guys who were also "older/experienced/skilled" managed to somehow find a way to rage/get tilted or simply stop playing because of the poor players.

The poor players CANNOT help being poor. As a poor player who has played this game since 2003 and still remains reasonably poor, I know I can do some things to get better, but ultimately I cannot drastically change my skill level unless I want to nerd gathers 24/7 for a year or something.

The "older/skilled/experienced" players CAN help getting tilted and ragey. You shouldn't blame players being tilted on poor players, because they literally cannot help being poor. The better players need to stop raging and should be mature and adult enough to do that.

As better player you can expect these ''poor'' players following tactics (playing on their position) and a class. But you should not expect anything further. If you just accept that fact, you won't be that annoyed if they make a mistake.
That's the thing, everyone expects the bare minimum, if someone doesn't do that then they get flamed.

For example I can't remember anyone flaming you in the games you've played - maybe someone calling you out for doing something stupid, but that happens with everyone to everyone and by everyone - the problem is that some people just aren't even able to play the spots, do what's asked of them and explained to them + on top of that they don't talk or give comms.

Those 3 things are basically the minimum.
I agree with you on that, it's the bare minimum. But if they can't pass the bare minimum, the flaming still does not help. The solution is than to complain about it to an admin. Dave is a good example of that. I did not flame him ingame, even though he was trolling and doing team damage, because if I would do that, than the game would have been ruined for everyone. Flaming does not always hurt the person that is being flamed, but the atmosphere will surely change and that will have a greater effect.

I never got flamed by you. I don't mind playing with you in gather. But I got flamed pretty hard a couple of times. Even when I did the bare minimum. It would be great everyone was a bit more relaxed.
Bring the "fun gather" back and make tomfu & co practise in there. Allow the top 3 of "fun gather" to join the real games every 6months. C u!
Sorry Devix with your skill you'd belong to the 'fun gather' XD
Apricot you have to stop trolling viktor and tomfu and telling them that hey have good aim. There is no data to support that since they are every game 3k behind in damage.

Tomfu is actually believing it already as he said to jere yesterday:

" A! ToMfu [9:50]: jere you got me 3 times in duel at obj... how come I can't, I feel like i am 100 . acc but I don't hs"

When he had 20acc, so apri pls dont go full seareal and be another pathological liar.
QuoteTomfu is actually believing it already as he said to jere yesterday:

Aye aye aye XD
Dont be another devix - arrogant abusive and a great pathalogical liar
Let us focus on the future and try to come with suggestions about the better. So far, I heard creating two different gathers as solution or simply be more strict in the behavior of players which is tolerated. Anyone else?
The only viable solution is being more strict with the behaviour of players combined with consistency.

Some people get banned for 5 months because they called Aniky a retard.
Others can type "I hope you die @name" 4 times in a single day without even getting muted.

(Just open the search bar on the right and look for keywords like die/cancer/retard/piece of shit and you'll quickly see how some people get away with anything while others get banned immediately. Your problem is admins being fickle and spineless, not the general attitude of most players.)
And I stand by those words considering the guy hacked my Facebook and doxxed me.
Oh lord XD
"Whatabouttery" doesn't help the situation. Everyone has done and said things they regret, and quoting and bringing screenshots into it literally doesn't help the current issue.

Kevin is making points to try and improve things, let him do that.
The guy above me is talking in 3rd person about himself. Try it yourself Sebhes, include the dutch swearwords there aswell, the truth will come out :)
I think it has to be strict for at least a month or so - banning players for abuse and doing this consistently and strictly will stop the problem initially. It will take longer for the culture to change, but the strict change to start with is to help the culture change in the long term.

There are a lot of players who won't do gathers because it has a shit reputation for newer/worse players (most of regards the gathers as some sort of aggressive joke and won't play in it). This moment could be used as an opportunity to invite players who wouldn't usually play gathers to play them. Could even hold a one-time gather evening for new gatherers to get people involved, stay positive and play some games.

Problem is what to do if in one of these games someone is abusive. A lot of games use a private reporting system? Is there a way to privately report players to the bot for a reason, and then they are looked through by admin? Just some thoughts
I think arriving at a consensus about acceptable behaviour is going to be the main problem if admins try to enforce rules about it more strictly. Where do you draw the line between banter and bullying, for example? There will always be people who feel they were treated unjustly (sometimes rightfully so, sometimes not.) I can generally tolerate a very wide range of conduct, though I'm definitely not a huge fan of how some people in gathers treat each other, and it does take the fun out of it too often. I can accept it, but I can easily imagine many people not being nearly so lenient.

Most of the time to me it doesn't seem like a matter of some toxic trolls deliberately setting out to make as many people mad as possible, or of people blatantly trying to hurt and insult others, conducting themselves in an unacceptable manner. (That's where I draw the line of unacceptable behaviour.) In the gathers, what we have is people with personal grudges towards one another being put in the same team and expected to play nice and work well together in a competitive environment. It's rarely been a clear case of a victim and a perpetrator, though unfortunately that has happened sometimes too, and in those cases I think admin intervention is appropriate. You'd be tasking the admins with settling dispute after dispute. I quit being an admin at the discord precisely because I felt like my job was trying to stop people who hate each other from going at each other. At a certain point, it's up to the players to have a conversation and settle their differences. They shouldn't need the help of someone with authority to be able to get along.

It's just my opinion, but I think the solution (if one is needed) is somewhere else than in enforcing rules about toxicity more strongly. Stricter moderation can play a role at times, but I don't think it solves the underlying issue. It's too late to start correcting people's behaviour. The tensions between players are already there, have been there for years in some cases. In my opinion, it would be more productive to find ways to ensure certain people don't end up in the same team, or in the same queue. If admins start intervening more, I can see it escalating to people using the admins to get the people they dislike banned, creating even more pointless drama.

Sure it sucks sometimes that it's not such a nice and "healthy" environment, but I wouldn't like to see it turned into a place where you need to be afraid of what you can say either. Sometimes some people just need thicker skin, sometimes people just need to chill out, sometimes people just need to accept it when things don't go their way in-game, and sometimes people need to be more flexible. Just try to get along please. Everyone will be better off for it...
This is an issue I hadn't thought about but is very valid - maybe a mix of two methods? I.e some players have a 'block' so they don't play with each other (or just have the good sense to not join a gather with someone they will flame/argue with) AND if any incidences of obvious abuse happen they are muted/banned?
People should have common sense and shouldn't join if someone they don't want to play with is in the queue. It's just a childish reaction to join a table to play a game with a bunch of people and then say "he is not my friend, I don't want him in my team." That's a playground reaction.
Anyhow, if the flame/argue/issue is happening IG, ban is a solution, if it happens on Discord, mute might be the good call. I don't think it would be relevant to ban someone for each and every slur they make on Discord, muting them is enough in the first place. Obviously, it can lead to a ban depending on how often it occurs
QuotePeople should have common sense and shouldn't join if someone they don't want to play with is in the queue.

This is a pretty good point until you realise some people will genuinely be in the Q 23hours a day just to troll other people :)
Put this behavior in the playground childish reaction I was talking about. If people can't behave at all, there is nothing but punishment to sort it out.
I'm pretty sure toxic players are heartbroken after reading this post
image: 35lqnh5xrfb51
Meanwhile, the 6on6r channel is currently people posting clips from streams of when people have been abusive and laughing about it, and laughing at this journal. Sums it up tbh, not sure why anyone expected any better, but it is up to admins to make it better by being stricter
False hope :<
Ban webe and everythink will be fine also enigma i forgot.
Toxic? Whoa?
I'm banned since 2019 can't be toxic anymore. What a coincidence. Someone get it wrong. Keep banning players so you will drown in your own venom.

Hypocritical wankers.
/ref mute player so underrated?
Ppl can mute players on discord and teamspeak... problem solved.
But then comes aniky and bans you for having some 5 clowns mutes
Can see the thought behind this journal, but as one would guess, it got personal... Players just simply pointing fingers on each others, rather than solving anything. Guess it'll get pretty quiet around this game, when it seems that people have not been growing at all from the day they started playing, which makes me sad considering how old this game already is. Not that it surprises me much, since this game has had one of the most toxic communities that I've seen. Well, right after csgo, I might add. One can always hope for things to get better, though. :)
Man, you wrote it before me! I 100% Agree with your opinion.
I have played this game a long time. I sometimes just play a gather, most of the time it's fine. But a couple of times I got flamed pretty hard. I always play gather with the feeling that I am not allowed to make a single mistake. If I selfkill on the wrong moment, or miss a revive I often get a comment. It's not flame directy, but constantly being made aware of your mistakes, will make it a toxic environment. I don't play these gathers like Eurocup finals, like some of these players are. I just want to play and have some fun.

With the Quakecon @ Home I started playing RTCW. And that is a big difference when playing Gathers, look at potatostein for example. Big mistakes in gather, but people know it's a game and it's about having fun. I did not experience any comments or flaming yet. Even though I played pretty bad a couple of times.
couldnt disagree more
Around a year ago I had a Martin Luther King moment where I produced a 10 minute speech, off the cuff, to a bunch of people on teamspeak as we were trying to sort out a game. I've been encouraged by hazz to try and reproduce this. It definitely won't be as powerful as I managed then, but I will try my best.

First thing's first... everything is about perspective. We could very easily point our fingers towards certain abusive characters on discord, and this is very easy. But I think we should all look at each other first, because every single person is doing something wrong. Literally, I can look at myself, Aniky, hazz, sebhes... every single person in discord has done something wrong. We cannot focus on one aspect alone as we will not get anywhere.

I got extremely active in the ET community again between March and July of this year due to COVID, and this is when I learned to understand it all. For those that know me, my mindset is always about having a "serious" gaming. Serious doesn't mean having the best players at all times, all it means is... having a team of 6 people that are willing to make some kind of effort to work together to make it a good game. It means people actually trying. You can see that there are a lot of people that don't try. This has been the case for a long time in the gathers, and when I didn't used to play that much it didn't used to effect me too negatively. But when I was very active, it got to me and I started reacting negatively, and I started becoming someone I didn't like. This is when I stopped playing as much and started RTCW.

I see people have mentioned the RTCW being less toxic. The truth is... that it is. It could be because players are generally older than those that play ET. But one thing that needs to be mentioned is that the skill level in RTCW gathers is LOWER than that of ET gathers. In RTCW it's pretty normal that there are 3-4 lower skilled players in each team, whereas in ET, you tend to get 1 or 2 lower skilled players in each team. Forgetting the level of the game, the main difference here is the atmosphere and expectations on comms. I also have to admit, that the lower skilled players in RTCW troll a lot less, and make an effort. So one has to look at everything. I always believed that if someone wanted to play but take the piss and play alone, they should just go on public. The ET public servers are still active, so they should just hop on there.

If I see a queue with a bunch of lower skilled players, it is unlikely that I will join. I have joined some, but because of my mentality, I don't tend to enjoy it too much. I'll manage to play one everyone now and again, and I'll remain calm, but if I play a few games in a row, then it becomes tough for me. Is this fair? Well it doesn't matter cos one can't always control how they act after having to deal with the same frustrations time after time. A lot of the experienced players have tried to make games better for everyone but teaching the lower skilled players some basics, but as someone already mentioned, after x amount of games, one loses patience.

I had tried to revive the private gather as I believe this was a way to help better everyone's situations, but I failed in reviving it. We maybe got 10-14 active days but that's it. The biggest problem here wasn't splitting the community, the biggest problem here was having to play "God" and decide who got in and who didn't. It wasn't fair on some people that weren't invited, and some people that were in shouldn't have been in. In reality, the minute you need to decide who is good and who is bad, is the minute everything is going to fail. I had tried to setup a cabinet to decide but I failed at this also as it was too late. Politics started getting involved and I just gave up on the idea of a private gather.

I had spoken with Aniky / Schnee about how to create a way that everyone can enjoy games, and it just didn't work. Schnee wanted to use the ranking system which would have been a disaster as people like ipod / testi had very low ranks so wouldn't have been in, and some of the lower skilled people had top 20 ranks so it wouldn't have fixed anything. I was pushing the idea of setting timings of when there would be either skilled gathers, or lower skilled gathers so that we could group up everyone accordingly at each time slow. I had also pushed an idea of re-visiting the 6v6 (fun) and 6v6 (ranked) channels and promoting them in that way. Probably both ideas would have failed, but it fell on deaf admin ears.

At the moment, if you look at the ET community right now, you'll just see a broken and disjointed unit. Arrogant "skilled" players, selfish "unskilled" players, unlimited trolling, lots of sensitivity when it's retaliated, and an inefficient admin team following suit.

I mention the admin team following suit.. and taking part in all the trolling, and judging etc. Again, it's easy to point fingers but I don't see anyone else volunteering to take up such a thankless role. I was a Clanbase admin once upon a time, and it was awful. It's like being a referee in football, everyone hates you. Some (or a lot) of it is your own fault, but not all of it. I think at this stage, one shouldn't be scared to cut down on harsh behaviour in fear that it will reduce activity.

What is a potential way to amalgamate the so called skilled and unskilled community so that things can maybe improve? Maybe it's too far gone right now but one can only try. I would suggest a 1-day draft cup. Keep the cup short, 3-4 games max so that everyone can finish in the same evening. No loser bracket, but encourage the teams that lost to find another team to play against. What are the chances of something like this having any kind of effect? Low... but why not try and hope for the best?

What's the easiest way to make it slightly better?
Showing some respect to one another.
Speaking to each other like human beings rather than animals.
Making an effort when there is something you don't agree with.
Easing the trolling and the abuse.
Keeping the banter friendly.
And definitely.... not going personal at all. I don't care if someone is mentally challenged, physically challenged, unemployed or whatever. No one here knows what the other person is going through in real life. They could have just been made redundant, they could have lost a loved one, they might have just been diagnosed with some illness. A lot of people that play, do it to escape from something else. You don't want to come online to escape your life for a couple of hours to find that once you come online on discord, people have found your instagram / facebook or that of your gf or whatever, and they're just taking the piss out of everything.

TLDR version:
Everyone is in the wrong. Play nice. Get involved. Make an effort. Don't be dicks. If you can't control yourself, take a timeout.
I like the part about everyone being wrong!
Finally a non-toxic player getting all sides of the argument and issue right in one post (y)
I came to play a bit after many years.. and let's say after 2 or 3 games I saw a lack of respect for others.
QuoteTLDR version:
Everyone is in the wrong. Play nice. Get involved. Make an effort. Don't be dicks. If you can't control yourself, take a timeout.

well said tox.
You should copy paste this as a new journal, because I don't think a lot of will scroll down for this reaction
You shouldn't have taken it personally, by "toxic behaviour", people were referring to everyone's behaviour not yours.
QuoteWhat is a potential way to amalgamate the so called skilled and unskilled community so that things can maybe improve? Maybe it's too far gone right now but one can only try. I would suggest a 1-day draft cup. Keep the cup short, 3-4 games max so that everyone can finish in the same evening. No loser bracket, but encourage the teams that lost to find another team to play against. What are the chances of something like this having any kind of effect? Low... but why not try and hope for the best? are looking into doing something like this - we did a Valorant cup on similar lines a few weeks ago in the follow.valo community and it worked really well. Stay tuned!

QuoteWhat's the easiest way to make it slightly better?
Showing some respect to one another.
Speaking to each other like human beings rather than animals.
Making an effort when there is something you don't agree with.
Easing the trolling and the abuse.
Keeping the banter friendly.
And definitely.... not going personal at all.

Key message right here
Looking forward to the next Valorant cup! As long as I'm in the team with the Belgian beer name =D
Oh you didn't like being in winning team Finland KARHUUUUU?! ;D
Nooooo, I meant that we should use a better name to suit our international success!
Belgium Westvleteren
All this talk about lower skilled players "trolling" in games. I've never experienced a lower skilled player who hasn't tried in a gather. But i would say you might get a bit demotivated when some elitist autistic mega-nerd spewing out profanity on teamspeak while you try to focus on doing your best.

While I've had numerous games where some of the better players have given up even before the game started like @eron said.

Why just don't the better players just play scrims like in RTCW if they don't want to play with low skillled/some specific players?
6v6 ranked channel is for that - go play on normal 6v6 channel
Quote I've never experienced a lower skilled player who hasn't tried in a gather.

That's a proper dose of self-reflection right there
100+ comments flame journal in late 2020, this community is still alive :D

I cannot find this journal right now, but I remember that couple of months ago someone made a journal about toxic gather players, so it's not like this problem is quite new. For me it's hard to believe that some players are flaming others for being bad in 2020, like how retarded you have to be when you flame others while being one of 20 remaining active players yourself?:D

Anyway, it's funny that you "consulted" this issue with Aniky, so the guy who is most likely one of the most toxic players on gathers. What is more - he's like admin of these gathers, which makes this even more ironic. I have some kind of sentiment to Aniky as being admin of one of the organisations I played for, but at the same time he's one of the reasons I haven't sticked to gathers after I wanted to make a little come back to chill with ET in the evenings once in a while. It's simply not fun being flamed when trying to relax.
Still nice try to revive what apparently should remain dead
This community needs a bit of me!

I had joined again last year but already left in March 2019 due to toxic behavior and bullying. Seems nothing has changed.
well i mean damn..
I don't understand why people are being toxic. People should relax and get a natural Delhi escort or a cutie from Jaipur.
playing for fun in ET... good joke.
grown up people being bad to each other on old online games. well done.
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