Games from the METGA6V6CS4O!

Hello friends,

I have uploaded each game from the tournament at the weekend onto YouTube for you nerds to enjoy. Here you can enjoy some great games:
  • Us getting slammed by polish nerds
  • Us getting slightly rolled by Aimtastic nerds
  • Us getting our first win since 2014 against nice nerds

On a serious note...

This was a fantastic evening and I really appreciate what Belgium Jere did in organising this. We at have a "no madness" policy and fully support what Netherlands Sebhes has said in his journal - some of the behaviour in this game is just unacceptable.

We have some exciting things in the works to try and help ET become a positive game again, and will keep the ET community informed when you can get involved in that. In the meantime, come and enjoy a perspective on the games on Sunday by watching the vods - we had a fantastic time!

Game 1 vs dot:

Game 2 vs uGc:

Game 3 vs Aimtastic:

Full stream, including some shitty pubplay and the inbetweeny bits:

image: rdAgsZp9jaDsaefHICE31fzD_Kj8FV8fVuGwXUHREhvYtbJsQvaGAKU4FZVhXJf2meYgjn3lkp5jsvbf6fRd1OXU_GdvXCihhuWdFdMS9dLmwb-zX9U6p4MZyZ15poxfLN0

Stay tuned!

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