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Thanks god I can breath again
Marcus as always doing amazing work behind the scenes
YMCA Marcus best man EU
There's a story I would like to share. It was at LAN, as I was alone going back to the hotel in the street of Krefeld. It was very dark outside. There were weird noises and drunk people screaming. At some point, I remember reaching Arschlochstrasse. I will never forget the name of that street. A group of 9 people came out of nowhere and started talking shit about me. One of them said "ahah look at that guy with his suit". I ignored them and kept walking. One of them started to be more physical. I told him: "I am CEO of professional eSports cklub sin..." I couldn't even finish my sentence, he apologized and started to run away. His other friends didnt hear this and one of them came from the back and did a mawashigeri jodan. It's some elaborate fighting techniques. They all started to attack me in the darkness. I managed to get 4 of them down (I practiced MMA for 10 years and did 5 years of intense bodybuilding) but at some point I was on the ground. I thought my life was over. I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel as I remembered all the nerds I rolled in ET, all the journal I made to make nerds mad while laughing behind my computer screen.
Suddenly, out of nowhere I heard a Brexit voice from far away. I managed to open one eye and saw a shadow smashing these guys 1vs5. That was insane. He was on fire, at some point he even did a dragon move which I only saw in Bruce Lee movies. About 5 mins later, these guys were licking the floor. The guy then came closer. I only saw a beard and some brexit accent. He said very distinctly "No worries m8. I am from YMCA". I was really baffled and asked him are you the real "YMCA Marcus". He simply nodded and brought me back to the hotel while helping me to walk. Yes my friends. It really happened at LAN. Noone of us knew that YMCA Marcus would be there. He decided to make us a surprise and saved my life there. True story. Thank you YMCA Marcus.
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