outlAw - viSualized #4

Yet another one, hope you enjoy the spam :)

maybe make one more with ingame cfg like the first one
outlaw vs hodor, 30stm & b2k.

nice movie:)
Well, i know it's 2020, but 3hs vs randoms or in normal positions are not fragmovie worthy lol,
It would be ok if they were impressive or wtv, but just 1 kill with 3hs vs handicap people ......

Enjoyed tho.
Ofc it's not follow.et material but I think it's still nice to have some ET content released !
Without a doubt :D But quality over quantity matters! :D
are those frags from the last 6v6 cup? hihihi (●'◡'●)(●'◡'●)
nice dinks

e: i dig that nade
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