ET has been enjoyable

image: w4Z1V0j

First of all...

Thanks to everyone who played and who helped it happen. You guys perfectly understood what is all about!

QuoteHaving a good laugh with friends, meeting new people and work towards a same goal WINNING (yes we really try...)

Thanks to the people who made it possible for us: our chief of communication (CoC) United Kingdom niSmO for his professional google doc skills and for presenting the opening ceremony while I was asleep...
image: opening

But also the other streamers who recorded some memorable moments:
I warmly recommend to follow them!
Scotland J1nosta
Germany Aurora
Portugal Fishy
United Kingdom Fantasy2 (fantasy1 was already taken)

Also thanks to the ones who worked behind the scenes:
United Kingdom YMCA'Marcus
And our two chiefs of security services for arranging the servers:
Netherlands Rezta
Netherlands Zenix
Our chief of promotion and advertising:
Germany pArZiiiiii
but also the ones who advertised the event to their respective communities

Finally, we would like to apologize to Netherlands mENACE with whom we messed around a bit but remained very professional and the people we had to refuse, we were not expecting this much of a success. We hope to play with you next time! (Sebhes, Retourneur to cite a few)

So we should probably announce the winners of this first TNHTEET tournament...

Team Long Island Iced Tea
United Kingdom Fantasy (c)
Netherlands Enigma
Greece sEED
Finland Woony
Finland latee
Finland hazz

For the other teams I wish I could remember but I'm sure we, at Team Bordeaux, performed very well.

We want to reward some valliant cyberathletes:

United Kingdom fantasy2
For entertaining his 1 viewer Potty200, judge by yourself...

image: HiDcaZ9


We hope to see you for the second edition of TNHTEET and are looking forward to your feedback!

image: 201001

MarseilleLeFrancis - CEO and mental coach

Was very professional, thanks everyone! Cu next one!
Thanks to everyone who participated last night, it was a hell of a good time!
Well written
You got our back for more than 12 years m8 strongest chief of security services ever
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't have done it without our security heroes
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looked cool :)
On t'attend pour la prochaine jeune chenapan
Thanks mental coach, would not know what I would be doing in life without you.
Better than winning LANs you can put in your e-CV that you made win radar in 3 min (just dont mention what happened next) :P
fruits.Apricot / Ratricot here ;

Yeah it was pretty fun, I saw an IP somewhere and joined the server and a random team and all of a sudden I was playing some cup. GG.
Prends tes tickets pour la prochaine ! J'ai maté quelques passages sur le stream tu m'as régalé xDDD
Was a blast to watch!

But I will sue you for using my comment as part of your cup advertisement!11!!1!
Please contact our e-lawyers.
I have an interesting point relating to your comment, I didn't really address your crosshairs colour comment in the stream - was a little busy! I actually have a crosshairs toggle from red to cyan - on maps that are brighter I use red, and on darker maps I use cyan. Sounds strange, but I find it very easy generally to 'forget' where my crosshair is when I'm aiming and just aim by muscle memory, and this is one of the things I do to make me 'notice' my crosshair more. Someone very wise (can't actually remember who, maybe kVEsPonG?) once told me (as an aiming tip) to just focus at your crosshair, and that one of the mistakes people make is watching the enemy player, not your crosshair. This is genuinely the best tip I ever had in ET, but I don't always apply it - too old these days
thanks for organizing guys! that was fun :D
Hopefully I will have to hassle you less to play next time ;)
10/10 would lose again.
Keep dem coming boys!
cu sauna
3 Finns in the same team though... suspicious.
"Fucking mAhla man"
Team Bordeaux did great tbh
Ei joo klar mein Freund I didn't know you are lazysoldat on kreuzfeuer. Next time we will pwn these nerds!!!
Türlich türlich, sicher diggah
big fanta
Strong captain
Our best dancer
Also, how has this United Kingdom Fantasy clip not gained more traction???? This is one of the best things to have happened in ET history
does jinosta know how to actually stream his gameplay
Unfortunately, no.
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