Is there any spark left in ET or dirtybomb?

Heya guys,

Since I managed to buy a proper gaming PC I reinstalled ET and dirtybomb again.
My question, is there any spark left in the communities/games?
Also, does anyone know where I can find a decent ET config?

Many thanks!

ask niSmO
There is a fall cup going on and daily 3v3/6v6 from afternoon till midnight.
yeah but is there any spark?
Yep there is action, we at gonna be organising another nerding tournament once I've finished moving house

I can send you my cfg if you want, hit me on discord (you can find it in the news post for our last tournament)
Thanks, will do!
de sbz infamous??
Voor jou heb ik speciaal me wachtwoord aangevraagd! bloodshot!
Hahaha dat stel ik zeer op prijs! :p Heb je een bericht met mijn discord gestuurd ;)
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