Freshen up

Considering that the same 5-6 maps are played repetitively we could look at some changes. The easiest and probably most drastic change would be to reverse the maps. Literally just mirror them, no other changes.

I believe this will add some confusion at first but I honestly think it could bring a little freshness to the game. Everyone would have to relearn how to approach the maps.

I am not entirely sure how easy it would be without the map source (.map and .bsp) but perhaps it is easily done via a script or if someone with the dev skills could write a tool to do this?

Or, for bigger events, ‘stitch’ the maps together and join them. For example, the truck transport on Goldrush would drive through and enter into Radar and park up where it currently statically sits. Recover radar parts, drive truck to near allied first spawn and join onto Fueldump and meet at the tank...

The possibilities are endless and I am not entirely sure how well the dated engine will deal with so much data.

We have some skilled people here and it could be worth the work?

What about you, what would you consider a good idea to freshen up the experience?
We at are interested in this. In our TNHTEETAT Cup, we discussed using different maps than the normal and did use some (and avoided supply/grush). The main problem you're gonna hit with this is that because this is an old, static game, most players are not interested in change in it.

However, we at are willing to try any maps that come from this in our future tournaments.

All the best,
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