Presenting fun gathers

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Given the feedback from community regardless this journal we have decided to bring back fun gathers to our discord. With this, we would like to present a way for everyone who was hesitant to play our ranked gaming due to toxic environment or any other negative reasons.

We will have similar rules to ranked games, but focused more on behaviour of players and keeping every game toxicity free, while providing players with safe environment, regardless of their individual skills. Our goal is to provide every player maximum fun and zero risk of being flamed or bullied by individuals for bad performances.

You can find the two fun gather channels at our discord under the name 3v3-fun, 6v6-fun.

So for all those who did not wish to play our ranked system, we are providing you now with alternative, where our admins will be taking care of anyone who would break the rules and punish them accordingly.

In addition to that, we have also added new Submit a ticket channel, which will allow users to report a player for violation of rules, make a suggestions towards gathers or discord server or ask for any ET related help. For anything else, you can also make direct approach to me via PM here or at discord if you wish to discuss anything.

For those who still do not have our discord link, you can join ETPro community discord here.

Terrible to hear about this, this community used to be 100% love and friendship.
Yea that's why you, despite reports, left in the open antisemitic comments and caricatures back in the days.
Very good :)
Nice effort!
Good stuff friends! CU ON!
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