viSualized #FINAL | ET FragMovie

This is the final movie of the series viSualized. Frags are from 2018-2020.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

t i g h t fragging
Please find below my detailed critic of this frogmovie:
QuoteTen minutes. This could be the duration of my timeout on uYop's stream but this is instead an outstanding compilation of great computer actions performed against one of the best teams ET has ever had. Using weapons from WWII, the protagonist shows us how to spread some blood with breath-taking frags on various maps including the rarest ones like supply and goldrush. As a huge fan of ASMR myself, I have to admit that my ears got tingled by all the headshot sounds it contains. I believe it was recorded using some recording device technologies at a frequency of 44kHz. Regarding the choice of the music, it almost moved me to tears as it reminded me of the old-time before the pandemic. This time I could still enjoy some hippie music sipping some alcoholic beverages. Finally, concerning the coloring, the movie editor stands out with very warm colors that help to bring a bit of heat to our hearts during these cold days. However, I would like to point out the amazing color of these Axis grenades with orange edges maybe it is to remind the editor's favorite vegetable that has to be a carrot but this is just speculation. In a nutshell, this is a brilliant frogmovie.
i dont agree, i think the nade is more asparagus then carrot

kind regards, ez.
i n c r e d i b l e
m a g n i f i c e n t
m i N d b l o w i n g
t r e m e n d o u s
t e r i n g j a n t j e
Fusen List will be Proud
c a n t w a i t f o r k u r w a n e x t o n e l a d
Nice movie, too bad it's the same opponents 24/7. Would have been better with decent opponents. But I guess you never had the chance to play at the times some teams were still getting sponsored etc.
Well thats my own fault back in the day, anyways these frags are from 2018 till present :D
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