Introducing... Fudcup eSports

You were probably wondering what the most professional guys in the business were doing recently...

It turns out, they were creating a new eSports team to compete in the draft cup!


image: FUDCUP_1
United Kingdom niSmO (c)
Belgium Fausy
France eraz
United States of America vein
Germany parzi
Columbia eiti

We will be competing professionally against Netherlands dETI nerds and others in the upcoming draft cup.

image: unknown

United Kingdom niSmO

P.S If fausy or eiti are listening, get on the disco channel
Eyyy Good Luck!
You stole a dETi member, HURT.
Draft cups are for drafting bro!
gl boys
One of the most serious team for the golden pocal. Nevertheless, your eSports team promotes the consumption of animals such as ham. What is your take on vegetarianism knowing that one of your team member is against the consumption of meat? Isn't it oxymoronic?
The League Of Legitimate Zimbabwe Businessmen will be honoured to play against you.
Quoteand others

cant go wrong with niSmO
great team
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