Deep analysis of the division 2 drafted teams

Dear Crossfire users,

Since I have some time during my holidays and I like to share my knowledge with less knowledgeable people from this website please find my deep analysis of division 2 teams below.

The first category will be dedicated to teams that may surprise you. Teams that people may not put a penny on but that could go huge if the stars are aligned.

Team Inter

NetherlandsInter: Some call him the new killerboy, the malteser from the Netherlands. He may bring some irrefutable proofs to get some newtalents from your team banned.
Polandbrah1: We know about polish gamers in ET...
Netherlandsleonneke: Due to his singing skills and an amazing teamspeak performance on "Aux Champs Elysées" he may cheer his team up during hard time.
Francemillieee: I heard he's french so he's good for sure.
Netherlandssil: If he is the guy from FiF gaming he's probably good too.
Estoniasinche: I think it's the estonian guy. Rumor has it he is the little brother of Night but shhh

Team Seareal:

SloveniaSeareal: His gardening skills is a proof that he's a very patient man. This is something very valuable when it comes to gaming.
Germanycrs: Chris for his intimate friends. He smashed nerds last cup and shouldn' t be a problem to do it again.
Portugalgodz: Not known by many but he may go full po caralho at some point. Be aware.
Italymama: The legend, the 1vs4 irl noserver /pm
Anonymousouper: Never heard of but I'm sure he'll do good
Portugalshivaj: He's a good listener of cubecast radio so he won't have listening problems during gaming. That's already something.

The second category is for the teams that have some strong onemanarmy players. Some teams that may win it all if they are able to put all their eggs in the same basket and make their one superstar, their "one man army" shine.

Team Hafer:

GermanyHafer: Some call him the ASMR headshotter. I know many people who put some of his replays to fall asleep at night.
Italyhedo: I think he's the italian streaminger so he must be good.
Netherlandshelldembez: Strong performance last cup too bad he has a so shit nickname he has to shorten it in game
Israelloller: Thanks to his Athlon processor he may be able to make the show again and make us lose our minds. :) :) :) He will be the one man army we talked about. :)
GermanymKs: I was told by some of his teammates who want to remain anonymous that he once smashed so many nerds while gaming that there was a hole in his mousepad. You don't wanna mess with that german guy...
United States of Americaplainkey: I don't know him that well but I just hope that he will have the key to success LOOOL his favorite map? Bremen, cause he can bring the KEY to the transmitter ahahahah ok enough funnies.

Team Dave:

BelgiumDave: Using his chess background, he will be able to lead his teammates like pawns on the chessboard. I was told that all teams agreed to delay games by 15 mins so he has time to connect without getting kicked or banned.
United States of Americaaxcess: Good thing that we have long cables delivering interwebs under the Atlantic. I don't know much about him neither but I'm sure he'll do great.
Finlandmailamies69: AKA JONKKEBOB. Shit I got excited again. It is just not possible to talk about the rising finnish superstar without using capslock. After securing a golden pocal last cup he'll be looking for more. He is the "one man army" of this team. Some people suspect him to be swiss cause he can play literally everything like a swiss knife with all dem tools.
Germanynicon: Chief officer since 2008. He has strong communication skills. Last time we checked he could speak fluently over 1337 languages. gamers always make a difference but the fact that he is alone in this team may make things difficult for our german soldier.
CanadaTunnel: Another man from outter Atlantic. If he has internet problems he could atleast pretend he was going under a... tunnel LOOOOOOL
IsraelvikM: The Israeli soldier. As he pracced hard war in real life he will be able to bring strong leadership on the gaming battlefield. Just make sure you never make him upset cause he may go cray crayzyyyyyy.

Finally, to wrap this up, let's talk about the big dogs. The teams with the most achieved players and strong gamers.

Team Kapot:

NetherlandsKapot: Being 16 years old for about a decade now, his young age isn't a problem. His good mood will certainly make wonders. I heard that even Potty couldn't make him mad after talking shit at him at LAN during 3 days... nonstop.
GermanyAurora: If you are a fine observer, you certainly saw a bear skin in the background, on her sofa while gaming. Needless to say, she killed it barehanded... Using beverages with high caffeine content, she will relentlessly bring fear on the battlefield with amazing rifling actions.
Netherlandsbase: I don't know much about him but i'm sure he'll do great especially since he shares the same nationality of his team leader making things easier to communicate.
Netherlandsconstan: One of the most active disco software user. I don't know him much but I'm sure he'll do great especially since he shares the same nationality of his team leader making things easier to communicate.
Czech Republict4mj: The best admin on ET gathers. You always need an admin in your team and I don't say this cause he's part of the most influencial team in ET followET. He's one of the strongest gamer still playing this game, and I dont say this because he's part of the most influencial team in ET
FinlandWoony: Is it a dream? If so I don't want to wake up. One g@m3r is good but what about 2!!! Thanks to his amazing tactics as a coach secured the top 11 spot world at LAN on its first LAN appearance. Some may have seen him at events where he spread some champagne after winning it TWICE (his floor still remembers it)

Team niSmO:

United KingdomniSmO:: As our official chief of communication at he's a man of righteousness. Not sure what this word really means but he's a great leader as he never failed to lead when I was retired or sleeping. Using his brexit skills he will bring leadership and military skills on the electronic battlefield without any doubt.
Columbiaeiti: Some say he's columbian, some others say he's Shakira's brother some others say he lives in Germany. It's hard to say what is true or wrong but I know for a fact that he will be smashing sweaty nerds.
Franceer4z: He's french so he's good. After a slow start last draft cups, he heard the wake up call from Potty and provided us with some amazing rifling content. His favourite number? Six. As the number of kills he gets in a row. Baguettes will be raining at your faces.
Belgiumfausy: The rolling machine. Strong wrist (for aiming not something else you pervert), strong brain and strong reaction times. We saw what he is able to do last draft cup. We can't wait to see some action from the belgian boy who became a man.
GermanypArZi: Another outstanding member in one team. She's the best engineer available nowadays. Many of you may know her as the "dynamite master" as she made popular the triple kills dyno frags. I heard from secret sources that she got a new gaming device... We all saw how hard nerds were getting rolled with 60 (almost stable) FPS... so can you imagine with 125! You may not even be able to see her now tutulutuuuuu
United States of Americavein: I was told he named himself "vein" because after playing against him some of his opponents needed medical assistance with their veins popping out (one of them may be french but I can't say more not to get censored). Thanks to his red cap with the motto "Make America Great Again" to keep his head warm while gaming in winter, he will certainly perform at his highest gaming potential!

This is it guys. I hope all the participants will practice very hard to bring home the glorious golden pocal. For the ones who don't play, United Kingdom Potty and I will be broadcasting at some point some games as we did last event. We would like to kindly inform our viewers that we won't broadcast supplydepot as it will be replaced by educative content such as wild life documentaries. Link of the broadcasting channel

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MarseilleLeFrancis - Co-commentator at CubeCast radio since 2010
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You will be missed in this cup m8
Thanks for the kind words <3
I will just use my full name this time i guess....
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Best post 2k21 francis!
thank you m8 I hope u got a new mousepad :S
Thanks for your time Francis, this is a good write up and I concur with everything you've put.

If any team captains would like their game shoutcasted by me and Francis just message us one discord. Let us know the match you want casting and to ensure you will insta ban supply depot.

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Thanks for bringing the good news from Snatix!
my friend you alive !! nice to see you !

Unfortunaly Snatix is not a god cause Snatix's Wolfenstein life is dead !
QuoteNetherlandsKapot: Being 16 years old for about a decade now, his young age isn't a problem. His good mood will certainly make wonders. I heard that even Potty couldn't make him mad after talking shit at him at LAN during 3 days... nonstop.

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