starting with a new side income

I just built up has anyone any experience with e-commerce?
If yes share it with me contact me on
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popular product you've used, it does solve a problem with corona etc.

Many other people selling this also, make sure you order one first to be sure of delivery times.

Where are you pushing your site? Are you paying for google ads or facebook ads?
yo jino i write u on discord
$14 for a piece of metal with a hole in it

image: 61IxCyY
switzerland got money :D
I just use my sock.
image: socky
hahaah nice one

u spreadin the worser virus then corona with your sock lmao
gl u can find those in plastic for 1€ though
I suggest you to optimize your theme on shopify + better product. Make some research on google trends and dropispy

You can learn alot on youtube from: King Comm, Gabriel St. Germain, The Ecom King (Kamil Sattar), Hayden Bowles, Matt Riley, Christian Albrecht.

And go for branding you can later sell your branded store for 6-7 fig)

thx i will do some research
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