Where it all started

After a long search, I was able to find the original magazine that introduced me to ET.

I remember my father telling me, there's a nice looking magazine that I should look at and I am so glad I took the time to take a look.

I was 12 at the time in the beginning of August 2003 and remember buying this magazine from my local Tesco supermarket.

I am a sucker for nostalgia and this has brought back that feeling.

I managed to salvage the original installer from the CDROM!

Anyone else want to share their story of how they were introduced to ET?
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And of course, ET would not be ET without the flaming in chat :).
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jna aka jinosta
Nah man I was just joking. I don't think he was playing back then. It would be funny though
hey man ! where have you found this ? :D
Saw it on Gamezville, free FPS at the time was all it took. me and United Kingdom Fazz played a lot of pub (he lived across the road), met United Kingdom Waki at [KS]. My PC was shit then so I didn't get to play too much, but those nerds (fazz, Waki, poseidon (Kevin)) went pretty big.
I loved Gamezville! I used to rush home from school to catch it on SkyOne... I think their names were Jamie, Darren as the main hosts, Sarah in the freebie corner and of course the Guru!

I had a few friends who used to play too! I got them into it and they played for a few years also :).

Thanks for sharing your story!
God, the Guru! I remember one of the guys being sick a Gran Turismo and smashing all the challengers too. What a program!
I had no idea, lol.
Played as Zurgy then, was [KS] and MoW right?
Yeah lol.

Didn't know you were Zurgy ^^
I first started in a summer going to Razz's house to get him to come out and play..

He's tell me after this one game. I'd wait the game would end, he's now extended the time till he comes outs...

Finally i go home he didn't come out i do the same again once again he's busy playing this game, i ask to play i'm shooting rifle nades straight up into the sky..

Razz: wtf are you doing
Me: They'll come back down and kill people

Legend says, they’re still on their way down :D.
wouldn't surprise me XD
the first time i ever had a look on ET, i was watching my father play, it was a map which happens during night and there had sands on the floor if i'm right (i never ever seen anymore after, in late 2004 i'd say, so my memory is maybe alterate) and i touched ET for the first time few weeks/months later on Fueldump :d
2006 a classmate/friend recommended it to me. We were playing the same games already, so why not. Got everyone from the soccer team to play it. Good times. Shoutout wolfenstein italia -*WI*-
Had the fuel dump test game at our local cyber cafe, kept playing it from there :>
My friends were thought it was really cool you could put a grenade on the rifle and shoot it. So i gave it a try in summer 2003 and got addicted to headshooting noobs on public servers.

They all eventually moved to the shitty call of duty, but i kept pubstomping until i got invited to a clan where i made friends and we are still in touch, and organize a LAN as often as we can.

Good times :,)
friend from clan of FIFA06 GtB showed me this game ~2005 Crimsonsoldiers Fueldump only xpsave. good old times.
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