old noobs

Glad to see this site still hanging on. I see people actually still play competitive games!?

Puran actually managed to gather enough people to play 3on3 among ourselves! :)


Side note: big props to madscientist and everyone involved with making the image app. Unfortunately it was released after i already moved on from ET, and never got to use it a lot, but enjoyed making this mini montage without cl_avidemo 1000 :)
did u check https://greatshot.xyz ? ppl are mostly on discord nowadays. the games u see on gamestv are mostly gather matches (played on daily basis) and draft cups. I don't think there are many "real" clans left
I've seen some gather matches on gamestv, nice to see some people still kicking :)

Interesting tool!
Indeed seems clan-playing is more on RTCW lately if that's what you'd rather look for
lockdown in most countries has seen a lot of people return for casual games, been fun to see!

download link so we can watch non-butchered-youtube version? xo
Its nothing too spectacular, so youtube 1080p50 should be good enough :)

PS: shoutout to this guy who has been doing high quality upscales of old school movies:
oh damn, twk unmasks upscaled nicely!
All of his stuff is really nice!

We are working on a better version. I had another render from 2007 with way higher bitrate - but same resolution unfortunately. Same for my other movie.
TWK Unmasks is an example of how moviemaking should be done!
____$$___$$______$$____________( @@ )__
i remember puran from 6on6s but sometimes i feel i never got to play you in 3v3
Most of my 3on3 play was with jakazc, illy-ya and emorej in TWK.
remember when I first started to play this game, waaaaaaaaaaay to easy!!! was like stealing candy from rapevan's from me! had to download virus on my pc so the game had some hickups for the challenge, still easy! now i only play .......
I finally found a working computer, see this and realize I am now missing a digit. Good times.
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