Diablo 2: Resurrected anyone?

Going to play it right from the start and wonder if anyone wants to party up?

If you are sexy and oldschool you can even join this team:
Most likely I will first wait to see whats d4 gonna be about, if its gonna be same shit as d3 i'll get the remake one
D2 is and will be top3 games of all times for me and should remain as best memories imo ;)
probably will give it a try, although Im more hyped for D4.
D4 yes
Will likely play it, its really dependent if they at least bothered to add the QoL stuff from patches in the last years. Hell, even just the stash inventory so you dont need 10 mules from mods.
They will include stuff like shared stash. It has already been announced.
Do you want to paly together or already have a party which could use one more? :-)
I highly doubt Kevin will start playing, so I can play with you. Do they have an ETA for release?
ETA: By the end of 2021 :P
Well I would also be interested in a full party or with more than 2 ppl. So lets get Kevin in. I can understand your kanker godverdomme friekadellen language but I can't speak it :D
Will play it :)
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