The six little birds from Siwa Oasis

Once upon a time...

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QuoteThe Siwa Oasis (Arabic: واحة سيوة‎) is an urban oasis in Egypt between the Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert, 50 km (30 mi) east of the Libyan border, and 560 km (348 mi) from Cairo.

What makes Siwa Oasis unique in its sort is the variety of species that are held in this area. Species which are nowhere else to be found. We are focusing on a specific little bird species.

Most birds group and live in large numbers, but this one is different, very different. This one is well-known to form groups of 6. They gather and travel together to different places all around the world. It is in their nature to go and find other groups of 6 to fight it off in some weird shooting battle they have come up with. One might wonder what drives them to do so? Nobody has really been able to give an appropriate answer to the question "why". The world looks in a slight disgusted way to them.

What is even more interesting is that once every two to three years the strongest birds from all around the world come together for a weekend to participate in these aforementioned battles. These tournaments are unique, unique in the sense that participants will specifically remember these weekends, because they provide them with a different experience. They provide them with happy experiences. Past tournaments were organized in Europe, more specifically, in Enschede, Bruxelles and Krefeld.

It was widely agreed on that this little bird specie was on the verge of becoming extinct. Therefore, it was agreed on to host one final tournament back in 2019. Tears were shed and hands were shaken. But most importantly, they were able to look back on a joyful period of their life.

Long and behold, the world has changed significantly since then. Most birds have gone their own path in the meantime. However, it seems like there are still some stubborn birds remaining. Even after all this time. The birds have gone back to their homes in Siwa Oasis. Occasionally, you still have some little birds teaming up together in mixes to play against each other. The times have changed and so have the rules. The heated battles are not as heated as they used to be, but it still provides them with joyful moments.

Among all these birds that remain, there is one individual bird with a specific wish. A wish on a better future that includes a blast from the past. More importantly, he is considering to make efforts to make his wish come true...

The year is 2021. You start the game Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. The game you still are and always will be associated with, even 18 years after its creation. Little do you know. Little do you know about the possibility of what might be happening in one year time from now. Little do you know about the six little birds of siwa oasis.
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cu lan, save the date
Look who we've got here :D
another interested bird xD

interesting with what u spend ur freetime :D
and nice that u are even more impatient than me. nice teasing :DDDDDDDDDD
I see you forgot to take them pills again.
Your name always reminds me about picture made by chosen (if I remember correctly), from admin panel, with options:
- delete journal
- delete as Frop
Chat shit, get Fropped
You'd rather not organize a LAN in Siwa Oasis my friend otherwise I hope you have a good sunscreen sponsor for nerds to protect their pale skin.

image: Mother-Applying-Sunscreen-to-Son
Make the LAN for vaccinated only so the foil hat mongols dont come
mongols about to knock out 6 birds with 1 stone :XD
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