Hello everybody !

Recently, as the "Mladi Renče-Vogrsko" association, we signed up for the "I want a pumptrack" campaign in cooperation with the builders of the Alliance ASE, who build one pumptrack in Slovenia every year for free.

I kindly ask all those of you who use Facebook (required to sign up to cast your vote) to vote for the future pumptrack at Lakeness Pumptrack in Volčja Draga (Slovenia) at the link below.


Here is also our video for the contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPD1w_-uFJ0&ab_channel=mtb.si

I will be really glad for your help <3
here your pump track

better post some videos rocking the track with this track afterwards
Get more downhill tracks not pump tracks :D
Loads of woods/hills here :D
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