Splashdamage ET Community Night

Splashdamage will host an official W:ET communtiy night next Thursday 29th April 2021, 8pm BST (9pm CEST).


If I read correctly, they will not be using/joining/streaming etpro-based servers, but maybe it is interesting for some of you that are still around.

[UniT] Clan Very Interested
follow.et should join the event to tell some good stories.

This should be a news article or crossfire, trackbase and other clans sites tbh. Doesnt splashdamage have any idea of the communities and how to contact them?
I only noticed it since it was posted on Facebook and I am following them. Figured the same when I came to CF and did not see a post about it
waiting to finally see double jump
Is this going to be a big reveal of the next instalment of ET?!
We have ET at home
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