ET Spring Cup 2021 Thank you!

Hello players,

The tournament is over! We had an amazing run with some incredible matches. The final results are as follows:

6v6 Teams


3v3 Teams

30 seconds to MARS

6v6 Teams Consolation

lastpigs & Imposito

I would like to thank all of you for participating with your teams.
I hope you had fun with your friends for the time being.

Thank you thank you thank you! Until the next one :slight_smile:

PortugalShivaj & PortugalhAFER
Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened :)

Thank you so much for investing your time hAFER and SHIVAj <3
Thanks a lot guys, it was really nice cup! Maybe took too long haha but really enjoyed it!

I hope we'll see more!
It was an awesome cup guys! <3
Huuuge thanks for organising it!
Thanks for the cup!
Do you send silver medals by DHL?
Hafer 4 president
Thx for hosting the cup
only watched the final but that was so much joy thx
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