3v3 ET:Legacy cup

Time for another 3v3 ET:Legacy cup

The ET: Legacy mod has seen an amazing growth in players and games these last few months. While we are ending our season, we are organising a 3v3 cup.
We already have 12 teams whom are roaring to compete against eachother. The teams will be divided in 2 divisions based on the skills of the teams.

The teams that have subscribed already:

30stm: Damon, GiZmO, s1LENT
dETi: xTRMMMM, base, constan, kApot aNGER, ChilAx, eron (c), dis que t'es te, ViKO, Jerre
3BOTS: Jonkebob, shiva, spitfiah
Mind Maulers: Jassi, Plaz, hazz, Lepari
Skkkrrrttt: devix, uYop, Abject
Sharp Instinct: SOTOqwerty, toxin, hAkim
Suzia: mENACE, h2o, agsor
PrzytulHeda: harry, wkt, mkl, zari
kurwittu: WuT, lEku, BloOdje
clanKapitol MOsTE, pug, palulu
Kainus on Haigus: Armand0, Roltz, Sinche

If you want to compete in this cup please visit this link: https://discord.gg/bTqCabfnmp

General Info:

Tuesday, 14th of October: Sign ups open
Sunday, 17th of October: Sign ups closed 12:00PM CET
Wednesday, 20th of October - 22:00 CET: Tournament format will be published (depending on sign ups and level of teams we might have 2 divisions)
Saturday 23th until Saturday 30th: Duration of the tournament
Sunday the 30th of October: Grand-final + Ranks unhidden.

Post by eMMiel
avi for div 3
any 6vs6 soon?
damn, ET still alive?!
Yeh! come back! here is a discord server where all competitive scene is gathered. -> https://discord.gg/3dVQr2yg

Activity has increased a lot in the last two months and if you haven't tried ET Legacy then you are in for a surprise. Its awesome to say the least. This Cup has 24 teams signed and playing, with 3 divisions.

Thank me later.
Can you play ET/RTCW on a Mac? Don't have a normal PC anymore...
Yes the legacy project does have a mac compatible client available.
als jij nou eens ff uitlegt hoe je et/rtcw op een MacBook kan spelen
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