ET:Legacy 6vs6 ODC

Good evening guys!

Finally the announcement for a new 6vs6 One Day Cup!

We have decided to start with an ODC. So that we will have a good view of how many 6vs6 teams that still exist. As we are planning a big 6vs6 tournament in the near future, it would be nice to know of what attendance we can count on. Also I don't want to start this big tournament before the New-Year. So let's try to have as many sign-ups as possible, so a day full of yes yes is in front of us.

This cup will take place the 12th of december.
The time and servers of the matches will be fixed by the cup admins, that means that before each game, admin will take a look at the teams that are playing and will search for an equally good server.

30/11/2021: Sign-ups start
10/12/2021: Sign-ups close
11/12/2021: Format will be announced
12/12/2021: Start of the cup

Adlernest (forced for first match)
Frostbite (forced second match)

France uYop
Finland mayan
Czech Republic BOBiKA
Poland Abject
Poland WuT
Finland jassi

Netherlands zenix
Netherlands Krepox
Netherlands Helldembez
Netherlands rezta
Belgium toxin
Europe TBA

Netherlands Sebhes
Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands iNsAne
Netherlands Jay
Belgium Jere
Netherlands outlAw

United States of America
Canada lysander855
United Kingdom jasper
United States of America wonderboy
United States of America marlin of doom
United States of America boonth
United States of America ottxor

Belgium eron
Belgium FAUSyy
Netherlands kApot
Netherlands constan
Netherlands base
Netherlands L4mpje
Belgium ViKO
Belgium aNGER
Belgium ChilAx

Poland zAri
Germany crs
Qatar weed
Poland harry
Poland w1lko
Poland wkt
Poland SkyLine

United States of America
United States of America the_end
United States of America joker
United States of America ipod
United States of America detdet
Norway Sinche
Poland BloOdje
Poland hunter
Canada anim
United States of America rainman

Slovenia seareal
Slovenia vektor
Slovenia c0ld
Slovenia olympus
Slovenia carniee
Slovenia imb3cil

Germany stownage
Czech Republic t4Mj
United Kingdom niSmO
France eraz
Finland latee
France francis

Belgium Trinorae
France yolonese
Belgium eMMiel
Finland devix
Finland juissi
Poland Bystry

Germany kemon
Finland Aciz
France Aranud
Finland Jacker
Netherlands Timo
Slovakia WuTangH

Poland bob_funclub
Romania Damon
Poland h20
Poland hAkim
Poland s1LENT
Cyprus seeD
Spain SotoQWERTY

You wanna compete? Good! There is only one way to get your team to compete. Go and fill out the form there.

So let's get hyped for some games and see you later on the battlefield.

Post by eMMiel, copied by me, edited by me
omg this will be the best ODC ever. Imagine playing with actual fixed 250fps and double the tickrate servers for precision in aiming!

This active development of ET: Legacy is amazing and they even listen to the feedback of competitive players.
rip etpro?
Dead for a long time my friend
Legacy is the new meta
Bring it on!
This is a message to follow.etl if you want to play reply penis under this comment
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