ET:Legacy 6v6 ODC summary

Post by big eMMiel:

Wow, having 12 teams and 72 people ready to play this old game on a sunday evening is amazing!
Thanks to everyone for helping us get this cup on the road. Appreciate it a lot!

As the games are done and dusted, only 45 minutes behind schedule, which is pretty good in ET hours. I can finally give you the results for this cup.

For the first division: The very best team with the new gold medal: Mongols with Poland WuT, Finland Webe, Czech Republic BOBiKA, Finland mAyAn, France uYop and Poland Abject. Congratz and take good care of your trophy!
The guys who needs to be happy with second place are Elysium with Netherlands outlAw, Belgium Jere, Netherlands Sebhes, Netherlands iNsAne, Netherlands GiZmOo and Netherlands Jay

As for the second division we had some pretty close games.
The guys who came on top were: Momentum with Cyprus seeD, Poland s1LENT, Poland hAkim, Spain sotoQWERTY, Poland bbi, Romania Damon and Poland h2o.
Imposito came second here. With 5 dutchies and 1 belgian in Netherlands Krepox, Netherlands Helldembez, Belgium Toxin, Netherlands Rezta, Netherlands Zenix and Netherlands Bizzy.

In the third division the Americans were too strong for the Europeans.
The Commie Bastards with their line up: United States of America Chimp, United States of America Malenkov, United States of America sixers, United States of America VtmN, United States of America eclipse, United States of America blackout, Canada dynasty, Mexico GHO$T got the gold.
Follow.ET: France LeFrancis, United Kingdom niSmO, United Kingdom Fantasy, Germany stownage, France eraz and Czech Republic t4Mj have to go home with silver.

The admin team would like to thank everyone of competing in this cup and also whom were watching the multiple streams. So thanks and I hopefully see you next time!

As always hugs from the admin team
Thanks for the cup!
thanks for the cup and all the exciting matches to watch \o/
lol Jere and Outlaw 2k21 still not winning shit
waiting for some "full PL teams" to broadcast their games in the future :)!
siema jestem Franciski from
pretty impressive
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