ET:Legacy 3vs3 Cup by Momentum Gaming

Dear ET Legacy friends

Having in mind upcoming ladder Momentum Gaming would like to organize small tournament where you can play with your team mates and practice before the Legacy ladder officially starts.

General Info:

  • Monday - 14.02.22 - Sign-ups start
  • Friday - 18.02.22 - Sign-ups close
  • Saturday - 19.02.22 - Tournament format will be published
  • Sunday - 20.02.22 - Cup Day
The aim is to play out this small cup in one day i.e. 20th of February although if we have larger number of teams we can extend the duration of the cup for one week i.e. cup starting on the 20th and finishing on the 27th of February.

Depending on sign ups and level of teams we might have 2 divisions, simple double elimination bracket.

Map list:
  • etl_adlernest
  • etl_frostbite
  • erdenberg_t1
  • et_ice
  • sp_delivery_te
  • etl_supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • braundorf_b4
  • escape

To sign up, simply post a message in the #events-signups channel in Momentum Gaming Discord (link below) including your team name plus the roster.

Cup Signups:

Wishing everyone Good Luck!
Momentum Gaming Events Admin Team

image: 3V3FEB
that medic on the ladder is getting raped
Yeh and the guy on the right is filming it
gl and hf everyone playing!
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