RTCW protocol versions

RTCW PATCH LEVEL: 1.00-1.10: *.dm_57
RTCW PATCH LEVEL: 1.30-1.31: *.dm_58
RTCW PATCH LEVEL: 1.32-1.33: *.dm_59
RTCW PATCH LEVEL: 1.40-1.41: *.dm_60

Can anyone confirm that this is correct?
I'm also looking for any dm_57-dm_59 OSP demos
I know about http://demos.igmdb.org
Its for porting rtcw to uberdemotools
homie: can confirm
there are hardly any demos that exist of dm_58 btw, it was a very short period afaik
dm_59 were demos from 2002 july - november ish
from then onwards it was all dm_60
dm_57 -> release till march 02
dm_58 -> march 02 -> june 02
dm_59 -> july 02 -> nov 02
dm_60 -> nov 02 onwards
I actually have a lot of old dm_58 I think. Message me on discord and I can send you some time to see if they are what you're looking for.
which ones :D?
You probably have them haha.
I guess they are from the first aus season.
Twister sent me a big pack of old aus history demos last year.
There are 100% _58 in there. Maybe 59 too but I didn’t unpack everything.
I’ve been checking out the folder to make a left overs aus history vid but so many crash and have poor following other player options.
I’m pretty retarded with mods and recording so I scan in demo scanner then manually go through them and /follow then timescale it all then only to crash at the action lol.
I’ll get motivation again sometime and at least throw some stuff together to be finished with them.
feel free to upload them so i can check if i already got them :)
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