ET on steam

damn where's my config
Steam is great but their ignorance to get a real age verification method is annoying as hell. Literally, every 2nd game that is interesting is not available because as an adult I still get patronized, all in the name of protecting the youth.

Not that I need Steam to download ET or play it but its just frustrating.. I need my Hentai/Anime Asset Flips.. Gaben pls
Can sombody post some public server ip? Cheers

Note that if you want to play on ETPro public servers (Hirntot & HBC) you will need to replace the steam et.exe version with the non-steam version and also put the pb folder into steam's et folder:
better late than never I guess
bunch of clowns, they literally 10 years late, the game would've been more popular if it was on steam way back then I reckon
Oh for sure, they were informed about it many of times. It’s a shame ET producers didn’t put much effort into advertising their game and getting into other platforms. ET was honestly made popular by word of mouth.
how are u overdrive..u are play ET ?
Wtf?! Game is still alive? ;)
I wonder if people will get excited for it. Building a pub clan would be fun.
hello my dears -- i am missing you all -- i hope i can find some time to play again
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