Today, 5 years ago

Today, 5 years ago, marks the date of a very special moment in my life. Today, 5 years ago, my team and I became world champions in the game Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for the very first time. Today, 5 years ago, we beat TheMoneyTeam in a sensational Grand Final. Today, 5 years ago, I experienced my most happy moment in my life. This, this is my story.

image: game58117

Please, let me take you back. Take you back one more time. The date is the 21st of May 2017, the time is 17:45 CET. Europe Elysium is about to face off the allstar names in the Grand Final of the KBG LAN. Our opponent of the day you might wonder? Belgium chry, Finland Matias, Belgium mAus, United Kingdom R0SS, United Kingdom sqZz, Italy XyLoS. Legendary names I had only heard from and seen in videos on YouTube and Names I had the most utter respect for. Suddenly, I was facing them in the most anticipated match of my entire life. We, as a team, had the sheer impossible task to beat Europe TheMoneyTeam. Not once, but twice. Europe Elysium was coming from the lower bracket and had to execute something no one had ever done before.

Our strategy? To write history. It was Europe TheMoneyTeam vs Europe Elysium. The shoutcaster; nobody else than the one and only United Kingdom TosspoT. Game ON.

Game 1;
2-0: supply
2-2: bremen_b3
2-4: sw_goldrush_te

0-2: frostbite
2-2: radar

Then came the almighty adlernest. Out of all maps, it was precisely adlernest who would make or break this journey. It was our task to defend first. And ohhhh boyyy we did. Or maybe better said, we did not. The time was set... set to 02:57. I can very much remember this exact moment. After years and months of playing it all came down to this. A time of two minutes and fifty seven seconds. I looked to my left, I looked to my right. My team looked devastated. Without mentioning names, I knew that a couple had given up in that particular moment. I was unwilling to do so.

It was FIGHT. Our final 2 minutes and 57 seconds had started. We had the impossible task to defeat these allstar names in a record time. My parents and friends were watching and supporting me from home. We had to deliver!! Failure was never an option.

We were off to a great start!
[1:58]: The Doors are opening!!
[1:33]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
[1:33]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!

Words are absolutely unable to describe the final 1 minute and 30 seconds of this historical match. Nobody does it better than TosspoT himself, please watch and see:

Five years later, words can still not describe the feeling I experienced back then. This journey meant the world to me. In fact, it still does. I can still vividly remember the final seconds of this match. The adrenaline that ran through my body when I saw outlAw running up the ramp with the objective. It was at that very moment that I knew my long lasting 12-year old dream would become reality.


Life has gone on. We are grown ups now and many people who were around back then have moved on as well. So have I, it does not mean that I never look back. On the contrary, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory will for always have a special place in my heart. I experienced my most happy and sincere moments with the game.

It sometimes makes me wonder, would it be possible? One... more... time? Sweden Ekto? Germany stRay?

People who were strangers at first became my friends, more than friends. I cherish unique and spectacular memories with them.

Netherlands GiZmOoO, Netherlands Jay, Belgium Jere, Netherlands iNsAne and Netherlands outlAw this one is for you;
Thank You For Everything
Loveyou bro❤️‍
Who is this Ekto guy you are talking about?
Hahahahaha believe meeee my friend, he knowsssss :D
sounds like a great guy :D

depends on the time and interest of people, I may actually be up once again....ehm I mean....Ekto is probably gonna be :D
Nice journal :) would be great another ET LAN
one more
mir kams hoch
Wat vliegt de tijd he..
outlAw winning lan? Whats next? You gonna tell me Stray is best player 2k22?
You still miss beating the hardest challenge of ET : Beating me in 1on1 0:)

Ps : It was a real good LAN final i must admit, wp ;)
Good memories indeed, would love to join one more 8)
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