lagg3r says hi after 12 years


Is this game still actively played or is it still believed to be dead like 12 years ago. I've been registered here for over 16 years now and I miss the good old days.

I tried to install ET, unfortunately without success. As soon as I can figure it out, I'll play again.

So who is the elite or rather "HIGH+". This is how the skill was differentiated back then. Are there streams to watch?

In case you are interested. I also have an ET Fragmovie, this was my goodbye to the game back then.

I wish you a nice day and sorry for my bad english.
Heey we are still playing!

its now etlegacy


Joined the Discord ^^
Welcome back !
Hello mate! Nice fragmovie!

Download ETL on and join on our ETBR discord to play gathers too:
Is this the guy who played the flute?
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