1st ODC ETBR:Legacy 5X5 - 2022

Hi everybody!

After 2 years, Im proud to announce the 1st ODC ETBR 5x5!!!

Wiil be on the next week: july, 13th, at 20hs BR time (July, 14th, 01h00 CET)

4 Brazilian teams will play random semifinals and final.

If you wanna see our BR players playing in high performance (:o), check it out on:


Bets open on www.gamestv.org !!!

Prepare to fight!
Great to see the BR community organize an event. Have fun!
The performance of BR players is quite satisfying and they are going to perform outstandingly in the semi-finals. The assignment writers have some fun content and I am sure you will enjoy quality content.
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