Thursday morning journal

Good morning, what's up? It has been a while. What is it with the pill-spammers? Any good bluepill-deals? I wonder if I still got rights to delete shit around here.

Buddy of mine hit me up with this,

So I decided to install ET via steam, oh boy how easy kids have it nowadays, imagine how big the game would have been with this kinda access. I just click and boom, there it is. Tested on few servers, seems to work fine.

Which servers are good for us old and slow boomer gamers? I want hitsounds and no heavyweapon spam.

And what have you been up to?

image: xrnJfYU

Shoutouts to the usual guys + Parzi.
Apparently I have been stripped of my admin-rights, who did this? Clean up the forum.
forum has been cleaned and your admin rights restored :o) welcome back, make sure you join everyone on discord if you haven't already

ETPro -
ETLegacy -
Urgh, I am still on my boomer-mode and hating Discord. I have it installed thou, I may join. And thanks, I try to keep an eye on the site too.
homeoffice today, lol!
We needed this support when the game was in its prime.

Imagine: it’s 2005, you’ve just got home from school on a Friday. You login to Windows XP, open up XFire and see 8 friends playing ET and 2 of those distant friends playing WoW and MoHAA. You jump onto TeamSpeak and IRC. The 6on6 channel is booming with low to high games. You jump in for a warmup on BiO* but your /timescale 1000 isn’t helping… you decide to try Efterlyst which you luckily manage to get the last spot on Radar. Everyone is a medic as nobody got time to be an engineer… not knowing that in the near future that will be a meme… but not even knowing what a meme is… you just continue. You’ve been in the game 5 minutes and there’s already been 3 PB bans, but everyone is happy that they got a slot in the server. Someone has just 999’d and as soon as they timeout their slot is filled by some Finnish or Estonian headshot monster. Radar ends, the Axis have won. You’re checking the stats to see what awards you have, unfortunately 33% acc is not enough. You are determined to have most frags the next game… the map loads, your eyes open… it’s 2022 and those days are gone.
Indeed, imagine if the installation and everything was so easy back then. And streaming, dear god. I remember watching it ingame and tuning the cast on from winamp, then trying to sync them, sheeesh.
Sup? You still crazy?
So you’re the guy from the YouTube videos I’ve been watching!
I am? :D I might be.
I didn’t know Crossfire is still alive. I’ve been betting on esports mostly than play them and I thought games not included in those bookmakers are dead. Perhaps one day esports in crossfire would continue growing and we’ll get to see them featured at Cat368 sports.
I think the growing won't be happening, maybe a small renaissance.
Nice post, that was exactly what I was looking for today. -
Is CrossFire available in Android? stump removal pro albany ny
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