My pets

Dear journal
I dont know why but i just found out i have some really strange pets. My bird, Didi, is very agressive unless you feed him. Also, he keeps spinning around his stick and yelling some crazy bird stuff. He's doing this for around 30 minutes, and i dont know why. Maybe hes just crazy, but personnally i think hes completely retarded.
My dog Brisca on the other side is sleeping all day long. She only wakes up when it's time for her food or when I go and walk with her. Each evening at 22:30 CET, she wakes up for her last dinner. My dog isn't retarted i think, but she is very close to extremely stupid. [img|left][/img]
What should i do to make them more "normal"
Btw i made you guys an easter egg, see if you can find it!