Hello! Project recrutes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The swedish Clan Hello!Project is searching for a skilled FieldOps.

So here we go with the requirements:
-you should be skilled ( at least med skill )
-very active
-we use old Ventrilo 2.1.1
-you should be able to speak understandable english

Our current Lineup:
-SwedenRedfoam (Clanleader)

We participate in:
-Clanbase 6on6 and 3on3 ladder
-Warleagues 3on3 ladder/ Warleagues 6on6 Bravo2
-have signed up for Clanbase Opencup and Eurocup

You think you are good enough, than join #hello!project on Quakenet and PM Redfoam or Splash. And it it not forbidden to visit the nice Hello!Project Homepage.

Thank you guys.
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